Redmi Note 4 (mido)

This is an unofficial build I compiled from the /e/-sources and Zeelog’s device tree (kernel 4.9).
If you want to try it, please backup your data.
Flash with orangefox, because TWRP complains about a treble error.

Have fun and keep mido alive!

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Hello @Midoodim, thanks for sharing your /e/OS work.

For weeks I’ve been using 'Zeelog’s LineageOS 18.1 on a secondary device alongside /e/ OS ‘Q’. It runs amazingly well - including OTA updates, security patch level 5. March 2021 and zeelog release-keys.

By the way: TWRP 3.5.0_9-0 and LOS 18.1 work well together.

Hi, I m using /e/ OS 0.15-q-20210225-UNOFFICIAL-mido now. So if I want to install your e-0.15-q-20210320-mido, can I do Dirty Flash. Will it be ok ?

It should be OK, but you never know before you try.
A clean flash is always a good decision.
Backup anyway.

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I tried to download 3 or 4 times on different browsers but I could not download it fully.
Some times it shows 25 mb and other times 130 mb and it also shows “completed” in the browser downloader.

Plz. help me.

Hi Zeno,
I will check it this afternoon.

Thank you for the information.

Maybe your connection is unstable? I just downloaded the file without problems…

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I once tried on pc and then on mobile. Is the link Resumable ?


It’s in nextcloud. You should be able to resume if your download manager supports it.

Hi Zeno,
I downloaded the file from nextcloud without any problem. I also checked the md5 hash…

If you still can’t download it, you might provide me with a link to a place where I can upload the file for you.

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At last it was downloaded and flashed.

Thanks again.

Thanks for this sharing!
Bevor trying it, two questions. Does your build include the backup solution from Seedvault, which allows to make a backup to a Nextcloud server?
And do you think you will maintain this build in the future with upgrades over the air?

this is the original sourcecode from /e/. Therefore the build includes all features of the official builds (but nothing more).
I have the intention to release monthly updates because I have the suspicion that there will never be an official q-version for mido. But I haven’t figured out how to make OTA updates.

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Hi @SuzieQ,
The Muppets support mido for los 17 but not 18. Zeelog has the device code for lineage 18.

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Great going :+1:


Can you teach me or give step by step easy guide for how to do that.
I m not a programmer but i think i should do that.


Hi Zeno,
it is good to hear that it is working fine.
I will send you a link and some advice (probably tomorrow). Compiling a Rom takes a lot of time and hardware.

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Let me see.


Good morning @Zeno,
please send an email to harry.hirsch at and tell me what hardware and software you will use to build the rom (ram, disk, linux/windows/ios).

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give me some time to do that.
See you again.