Redmi note 9 pro : OTA Update

A few days ago I installed /e/ 0.18 R on my Redmi Note 9 Pro Joyeuse, without using /e/ recovery.

Today I tried to install OTA update to /e/ 0.21 R, and the OTA process does not seem compatible with my recovery… I have two ideas to solve this issue :

  1. Install 0.21 recovery, and then reboot to system and apply 0.21 OTA update
  2. Install 0.21 recovery, and then flash 0.21 rom

Does anyone know if “1.” will work ? Can I proceed through “2.” without losing my data ?

I don’t know much about OrangeFox :frowning:
However, I can guarantee that any update for the same Android version can be installed manually once downloaded with OTA.

In TWRP, this is done by :

  • selecting “Install” button
  • browsing to /data/lineageos_updates, selecting the zip file
  • after applying, wipe cache+dalvik

This will only apply system partitions images, leaving data untouched.
To verify, just open the zip file and check files names. You can also read the updater script : META-INF\com\google\android\updater-script.

Maybe this OrangeFox howto should apply : Flashing | OrangeFox Recovery wiki.

Also, any of your ideas should work :slight_smile:

I tested option 1. it worked perfectly ! Thanks for your advice