Refurbished Galaxy S9 with /e/ preinstalled : Important echo during calls

There is a lot of echo and my correspondents always complain. It happens with and without earphones. Unfortunately, it makes the phone quite inconvenient for calling people.
Such a problem seemed to occur with S7 too.
/e/ team is aware.
Is there any progress in fixing this?

Hi, I have still the same problem, it seems a problem in certain android system properties according to the noise cancellation mic at top, but I don’t see a possibility to solve it by myself, is there any news on that particular topic from /e/ side?

Hi @cusdir welcome to the /e/ forum.

You may be aware already but the place to look for the answer to your question and the liklihood of a solution is in the /e/ Gitlab.

Here is the result of a search for Issues | Gitlab #herolte + echo.

It is very strange that this well known issue hadn’t been solved yet.

At least the loudspeaker echo on the S7 had been known for years now. And it must be somehow possible to solve since when I turn on the loudspeaker on a Telegram call, no echo is perceived on the other side. I haven’t tried different dialler apps yet to check if that would solve the problem…

Actually, I do not think now that there is any link with /e/OS. I sent my Galaxy S9 back to the shop and they gave me another one. No more problem til that day. I gess it’s a specific Samsung S9 problem.

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Ok, well with the S7 it definitely is an e/OS/ problem since it doesn’t occur on stock Android nor on other types of calls like Telegram or Whatsapp.