Remember the old ways and enjoy even more that /e/ OS is available

I use /e/ OS now for a while. Bought a Samsung S7 Edge in the e foundation shop. And it is the first time I do not have the unpleasant nagging feeling that I get screwed over by any means necessary by data hungry companies and I can really enjoy my smartphone. Also on the other side I do not have old situation like with my Cyanogenmod period where I sifted through documentation on, hacked into the bash command line and still do not get my GPS running. Instead rendered my smartphone useless when patching files with a hex editor. :slight_smile:

So on the weekend I got an old LG G5 up and running on stock ROM to use it in order to buy apps via Google app store and download them with Aurora on the e OS smartphone. At this occasion I could check into the other smartphone OS universe again. How a normal smartphone OS is stuffed with a big mess of everything software. Google put their stuff on it. The network provider added software. LG also tried to sell their cloud software. And last but not least some third party stuff who paid to get onto it. And this gang of merry software hoodlums than try to call home. Even simple third party software without any apparent use tries to get data pumped out. Like the smartphone and automatically whoever is holding it is owned by them.

To cut the story short. After I got a look again into the abyss of smartphone horror I want to take the opportunity to tip my hat to Gaël and his team for their effort. And also an honorable mention goes to Manoj who is representing the e foundation in the community. - Despite your workload and enthusiasm please do not forget your work-life balance.

Currently I am spending monthly at for e foundation but in the future I would not mind to pay some yearly subscription for keeping the e OS up to date for my Samsung S7 Edge. I hope that the number of people increases who acknowledges that maintaining security and privacy costs money and resources not only once but constantly.

BTW: Also the community and its involved members are a big part of the whole endeavor. Keep on this way.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


Thanks for the write up and insights!

I also recently hold a phone with stock OS in my hand and was shocked by how many Google and OEM apps are preinstalled.

I was first thinking about leaving the stock OS on this phone (as there’s no official /e/ Version and it’s close to stock Android) but changed my mind very fast to go with the unofficial /e/ build. It’s just nice to have a trustworthy and bloat-free OS.

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You could always pay a subscription for more storage. This is how I chose to support /e/ finacially and get really useful cloud storage

@petefoth I also thought about it. But I didn’t took the opportunity because my thinking was that I will produce earnings for e foundation but also costs for IT administration and not for the e OS maintenance itself. But on basis of your recommendation maybe I think again about it and see it as a opportunity for them to increase their cloud infrastructure on basis of the related revenues.

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