Remove app icons from screen

I am using a Samsung Galaxy S7. How can app icons be removed from a screen. The process does not seem to be the same as a regular Android phone. When I long-press an app icon all icons wiggle, the apps that can be uninstalled have a minus icon, others presumably are pre-installed, but some of those I do not use and do not want their icons to appear on my screen. I did get some to disappear by continued pressing on the icon, but then they came back!!

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Sorry, there is no ‘disapear’ in bliss launcher. You only can remove unwanted system apps via TWRP file manager or via adb

hi @steveredshaw this ‘icons disappearing’ which you mentioned is a bug as you would have guessed. There is a detailed rework of the launcher code in process which should effective resolve this issue.

Yes BlissLauncher is similar to iOS, there is no “app drawer” and you can’t put an icon where you want on the screen.
So you will have to change the launcher or create a “Useless” folder.

I have noticed some different launchers available - which is recommended for a newbie?

I use TotalLauncher, and been using Librechair.There are a bunch of them (open ones).

that’s wrong, you CAN created folders on Bliss and you can move the icon’s into or on other screen. But I also prefer a better launcher. And I’m also using TotalLaucher. It’s high customizable and you can ‘hide’ icons with it :slight_smile:

I meant that it’s not possible to have a void between two icons on the same page.

Ah, OK, that’s right

By the way, there is a nice HowTo in the eWiki section

This is useful - thanks

Total Launcher - I like that a lot - very stylish, very customizable - though I did find, when I swivelled my phone 90 degrees, that landscape orientation has also to be set-up, it is not connected with the portrait orientation!