Remove carrier lock

I have installed q-0.14 version on my Sony Xperia Z5 Compact using this image. I then realized that my phone still have the carrier lock (or SIM network lock) active. I managed to get the unlock code for my device using the carrier’s homepage.

If I insert another SIM card I am greeted with the screen below. I didn’t understand that I could enter a number by clicking on the line (I think the background is too dark). So I just pressed Unlock (says “Lås upp”) and nothing happened. I then clicked below button “Ta bort permanent” (“Remove permanently”) and it disappeared. Of course it was not possible to make phone calls since the lock was not yet removed.

I then realized that it is here I should enter my network unlock code. I entered the unlock code I had received but nothing happened. My operator say I have 3 chances I have already tried 2 times with the code and a few times earlier with empty pin code (by mistake).

So my question now is:

  • is this feature supposed to work in /e/?
  • should it work on my particular phone model?
  • have I tried to many times?
  • should I first enter PIN code for the SIM card and in another screen enter the network unlock code?

I searched on internet but can only find pages where I should download some software (probably some ad-ware stuff). I rather not do that.

This isn’t something that /e/ has changed , so it should work the same as stock Android.

This page is the documentation from Sony on how to unlock your device. It describes how to check the number of remaining lock attempts

According to the above page