Remove Mail by mistake

Hi Everybody,

I removed by mistake the email Apps (foundation.e.message).
Is it possible to re-install it ?
I don’t show the apps when I list all the disable package.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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You can’t remove system apps. Go to settings/apps/BlissLauncher and wipe storage and cache.
Reboot your device and nail should be back

Or do you have removed it via adb or twrp?

I used ADB …
adb shell pm install -k --user 0 foundation.e.mail
It was a mistake after hours to reinstall all my phone …

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You can try whether
adb shell cmd package install-existing foundation.e.mail
will bring it back.

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It works, I loose my conf but it’s ok.
Thanks for your help

Take care

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You can also make a dirty flash. That means only wipe system and flash eOS again. That should bring your mail back without loosing data.

By the way, that’s why I always tell: only move the apk and nit delete them. Than you can mive then back if something went wrong ; )

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The whole OS or only the system partition?

If you have set up your accounts, you can export the configuration to a file, which can be imported when needed. In the account view it’s in the three-dot menu.

I’m not sure to understand, how to remove an default apps icon (like mail) from the screen ? what do you mean by moving apps ?

Use TWRP file manager. With it you can copy, move, rename and delete apps.

Ok thanks for the advice