Replace Bromite based default browser with Privacy Browser

Bromite has not released an updated version since 12/2022. I would like to recommend another option for consideration:

I have used it off and on for a year. As a basic and private browser, it suits most of my needs. It also provides simple options to enable features that are disabled in case a site doesn’t view properly and the user really needs to view it on a phone.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

Everyone wants their favorite browser to be the default but not everyone likes what others like. :smirk:

The subject and recommendations come up every so often.
This was a good one to read through.

Murena Browser! - A Potential Collaberation. Can it be done?

My mistake if I conveyed this was my “favorite browser” somehow. I don’t really like browsing on a phone unless I absolutely have to. I brought it up because it fits better with /e/'s use case which is to reduce the amount of data the user sacrifices to use technology. It is also being actively developed.

I should hope so. It means your users are engaged and want to help /e/ become something better.

This is confusing. Are you saying you enjoyed reading about the browser, or you enjoyed reading my post?

Oh. haha. No I meant the linked thread is interesting reading.

Re: Privacy Browser. I like it a lot and it is / has been installed on most of my ROMs for a long time. A worthy candidate for sure.

Being a WebView-based browser, however, means it needs to be coupled with an always up to date engine.
All of my ROMs, including /e/OS, use Mulch WebView (updated reguarly) making for a trustworthy (IMO) combo.

I would be all for that combo being the default with the requirement being that the WebView could be updated as available instead of waiting for the next ROM update.
Still think the FFUpdater thing would be better. :grin:

Plus it does away with the Firefox vs Chromium mess.

EDIT: Something else I like about recent Privacy Browser. It gives access to WebView flags/options that the power user would appreciate.

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According to Wikipedia, Webview is based on the Blink engine.

Blink is a browser engine developed as part of the Chromium project with contributions from Google, Meta, Microsoft, Opera Software, Adobe, Intel, IBM, Samsung, and others.

As such, it just furthers Google’s internet gatekeeping, as does Bromite, or any other chromium-based browser.

We need something else as the default in /e/OS, in my opinion. Something non-chromium.

I’ll overlook the Wikipedia reference and just get to the root of the problem. Mozilla and Google are both gatekeeping the internet in similar and different ways. The next best option is to look for options that make use of existing technologies that are baked into the ROM but mitigate those concerns through a hard fork. Options like Librewolf, Bromite, etc. only tattoo their changes onto the upstream browser source code.

Going directly to the site for Privacy Browser would provide additional context that the developers are going to create a privacy fork of WebView to hopefully mitigate the issues you are describing for the next major version release. They also seem to have a much smaller code footprint than other browsers which makes auditing the code with smaller teams more possible.

That is about the best we can hope for until there is a market need to get away from browser fingerprinting as a prerequisite to access webpages and have them render properly.

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I completely overlooked that link. “Interesting” is an apt description. :laughing:

Hmm, future possibility?
A browser I’ve been using here and there before it got the name Cromite.

e / os / cromite · GitLab

Is there any chance that this will be set up?

I’m currently using Obtainium for app delivery and it doesn’t look through Artifacts to find apk’s.

I use Obtanium to keep it updated also.

What do you mean “set up”? I only found out about Cromite on /e/ minutes before posting the link.
Have no idea of its status or when (if) it will be included in a future /e/OS build.

Given the browser’s frequent updates I would hope that if it was included in the ROM that it could be updated as necessary. Instead of waiting for a new ROM build.
Via an /e/ repo maybe.

I should be asleep. Probably not making sense. :pensive:

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How did you set it up? I get errors when I try to add it.

I guess I mistakenly thought it was your project lol

No worries. I understand what you are saying.

Oh, do you mean using the /e/ GitLab link? Oh no I was referring to the upstream Cromite that I setup with Obtanium awhile back. Sorry for the confusion.
I see there are no releases but you can download a build zip with the apk inside.
Which I will test after I wake up. :slight_smile:

I found the GitHub repo for Cromite. So far, so good. Privacy Browser had some issues downloading files but that could be configuration related. Cromite did not have the issue. I’m trying to use as many apps as I can that are not delivered by F-Droid.

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