Replace /e/ account with another?

just installed my first /e/ device. yay.

during the first start there was a page where the phone asked me for an /e/ account.
there was also the option “login with an other account” shown.

so, my question: CAN I use another account? INSTEAD of the /e/ account. and what does this account need to have?
I’d like to use my posteo-account (german privacy respecting company), if possible.


You can setup your postro account direct in mail app, not in edrive setup.
I have setup my own nextcloud account on first setup window and than email app was always crashing and I have to reflash eOS.

But adding a non account in email app is no problem

Hi @harvey186 did you try installing another mail app to see if that worked in this scenario…wanted to confirm if the issue is only with /e/ Mail app
Have you raised a bug for this if yes please can you share the ID so that I can pass it to the team to fix.

I think I have raised an issue. Must have a look for the id.

No, not tried with k9, because only email app using automatically the account from edrive setup.

it’s issue #100

Thanks for sharing the ID. Will pass it on to the ecloud dev team and get their comments.

Is it possible to add another Nextcloud account in /e/?
Thinking of building and hosting my own infrastructure and hoping I can easily integrate it!

Sure, I’m using only on my est device ecloud. On other devices I’m using my own hosted Nextcloud Server. Bu It’s better you use the Nextcloud client for syncing, because the edrive client have issues with it. In some cases email app will crashing and you must complete start over with a fresh install. You can see that under issue100 in Gitlab

Yes, that’s right. I’m encouraged to begin my own cloud.

Hey @harvey186 when you say you are using your own nextcloud account, does it mean you are using a normal nextcloud account on a regular nextcloud server instance?
I actually tried changing from /e/ account back to my nextcloud account. No luck, the server always tells me login problem.
Has anyone tried that? Does it work to change the accounts after initial setup with an /e/ account?
Thank you.

Yes, I’m using a standard nextcloud server at home.

Which nextcloud client are you using ?

I was trying to use the edrive client for synching in combination with my private nextcloud account. As you discriped in you post above saying ‘you signed in after fresh install with your nextcloud account in the edrive client’.
Reason is the tight integration in the system. Otherwise I need to install separate tools e.g. Nextcloud client and davdroid, and if necessary nextcloud notes, etc…
Is that possible, or do I need to use the NC client and davdroid?

I have to use that tools. I’m waiting of a fresh build which I will install at weekend. I will test it again and keep you updated.

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I have posted all findings in this post Offline synchronization

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Thank you harvey186 for taking the time to test and share your findings.

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