Request - Charging control

Would love the ability to set the phone to charge to 80% ( or whatever user wishes) and then for the phone to stop charging until the cable is removed and replaced ( so if charging overnight, the phone won’t keep charging when it drops below 80%).

Extending the life of the battery.

I know some apps give you an alert, but its not good when you go to sleep and put your phone on charge!

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It’s planned. /e/ & 2021: the year everything is going to change (2/2) — A product roadmap

That will be nice. Fingers crossed its here this year.

I am looking forward to this and-

  • OTA - Software updates to higher versions (10,11,12)

  • Easy phone total backup to computer.

E/OS have set a big targets for 2021 and there’s less than 4 months left to meet them. It will be fantastic if they do.

I guess that this will not happen. Think of all the problems they had/have to tackle. To name a few:

  • OTA OS upgrade
  • Dark theme
  • data loss in fairephone SD

The list of issues on GitLab is really long.

Awaiting an implémentation of charge control in /e/,
If you need this feature, it exist a module in magisk for that.

Thanks, but as a newbie I don’t fancy rooting my device.

I will wait for the e update.

FP5 has this feature. It would be nice if my FP5 with /e/ were to have it too.
It’s much better when plugged in for a long time.