/e/ & 2021: the year everything is going to change (2/2) — A product roadmap

This article was intially posted on Gaël Duval’s blog on April 29th, 2021.

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In the first part of this article, we explained that /e/ has a primary focus on user’s data privacy, circular economy and energy, and that it is fully inline with the global trend seeking to reduce the negative impact of tech in general and helping creating a new paradigm to build a better world.

Do you want to know more about what we are going to do with the /e/OS user interface? Privacy? End-to-end encryption? Smart assistant? Nuke PIN code?

Now let’s cover what we plan to roll out this year…

Better application support

Users want to be able to run any mobile application on their phones, and that’s something we’re working on seriously. As we have already stated in the past, we’re supporting microG’s Founder and maintainer, Marvin Wißfeld. Marvin is continuously improving microG features and compatibility with Google Play Services to ensure as many applications will work, even if those Google Play Services aren’t installed in the OS.

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SafetyNet test on a Pixel smartphone.

For several months, we’ve been facing an issues with “SafetyNet”. SafetyNet is a complex mechanism created by Google. It’s used by some applications to “ensure” that the phone where the application runs is “safe”. Of course this doesn’t have any security benefit, it’s just a way for Google to make it difficult for alternative Android ROMs to offer full support for Android apps. Today the SafetyNet check can fail in a number of cases, like if you root your phone. We’re working to ensure that it doesn’t fail on /e/OS.

More applications

/e/OS Apps Installer

Our users also request full access to all Android application, while not sending personal data to Google. Of course, we’d prefer if Google played the game of interoperability, we would prefer that they offer a way to connect legally to the Google Play Store with a public API. But unless the regulator forces them to do so, we have to find alternative ways.

We are working on several options to make this easier for users, hoping to roll out later this year.

Uninstalling default applications

This has been a long-requested feature from some users. And we agree that there is no reason why we wouldn’t let users uninstall default apps in /e/OS.

It’s not trivial to implement though, and that’s why it’s still not possible today. However, we know how we want to make it possible, so it’s now officially on the 2021 roadmap!

User experience and User interface

The /e/OS user experience has always been something very important for us, since we see it at one important components of our product, especially if we want /e/OS to become the “go-to” mobile OS for the largest audience…

So this year, you will see some big improvements with our launcher (Bliss Launcher). It’s going to be easier to move icons across views, we will allow full gestures and completely remove the buttons at the bottom of the screen, leaving more space for useful things.

/e/OS is also aiming to become “mobile first”. There will be no need any longer to go through the web to create an /e/ account, see how much cloud storage is available, etc.

Early mockups for /e/OS dark mode

We will introduce a dark mode for all default applications.

We will also clean up the top-bar removing useless notifications.

A better Camera

OpenCamera is the default camera application that ships with /e/OS. It’s a great piece of software, and most of us will find is good enough for daily use.

But in 2021, we can expect a little more from a Camera application. We’re going to make it better on different levels: improve and simplify its user interface, explore options to improve significantly quality of pictures and videos, and finally roll out multi-lens support.

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A Zeiss multi-lens on a Nokia smartphone

Privacy and security

/e/OS is all about breaking free from Google while regaining full control over one’s personal data.

For one year we’ve been working on an application codename “Privacy central” . Its goal is to show what the hidden trackers in apps collect and give the option to block those trackers from collecting your data. It is going to be integrated into the system settings by default. We’re looking to make this app very intuitive to use, and there will be some extra cool features in it. Stay tuned!

Another topic we’ve started to work on is End to End Encryption (E2EE). We believe that E2EE is the only way to go in the long run to guarantee security and privacy. With data stored in the cloud, hosted by us, by a third-party or even self-hosted, there are always risks that a server can eventually be hacked and no one wants his data to leak on the net, even holiday pictures and videos.

That’s a huge and very complex implementation that usually goes against usability. The team at Nextcloud has started to work on it, and we’re listing all technical options available to make it possible while the best user experience.

We’re also considering a “nuke PIN” code that could be used in case of emergency to erase all data on the smartphone. Our users seem to think that this feature would be very useful.


We want to make /e/OS the most efficient OS in term of energy consumption (and in the end the mobile OS with the lowest carbon footprint).

We aim to be as frugal as possible and limit the amount of data received or sent over the net. We also aim to measure and inform users about their energy consumption within /e/OS, by the system itself and by the different applications. Towards an “energy score” into the /e/ Apps Center?

1 mNNBehTI0FTaMvtooC_urw-min
The battery charge manager in a Tesla car

Another little feature will be to explain users that they generally don’t want to charge their battery over 80% charge as it decreases battery life over time. We will make this easy for them to set this as default behavior in /e/OS.

Smart Assistant

Since the beginning of /e/, it’s been made clear that a smart assistant with more privacy would be in the roadmap. We can add it to the OS, and also make it available to build “intelligent speakers” at home. We have started to experiment last year with “Elivia”, and the project is moving ahead.

1 O8D2-iPphFN_pUa9HkACvg-min

We also have made good progress in finding an offline ASR software (Automatic Speech Recognition or Speech to Text ) that we’re going to add to /e/OS this year. This will enable you to create and send a text message using your voice instead of your keboard.

Last but not the least…VoLTE

With the arrival of 5G, the telecom industry is phasing out older technologies (CDMA, GSM) to free up capacity for 4G and 5G. Voice calls will move overtime from legacy 2G and 3G networks to 4G LTE using voice over IP. Some mobile phone service providers have already transitioned to all voice calls over LTE. This means that we have to find a way for /e/OS to support VoLTE in most situations, on the largest possible number of smartphones.

And a new brand!

We will unveil a new brand in June this year, this is going to be explained in a specific post later this year…

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Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


Thanks for a interesting post. I look forward to following the progress of the /e/ operating system and cloud services. End to end encryption is a must for me.

I bought a pre-installed Samsung just over three months ago and am very pleased with it’s performance. I like the cloud synch. option but am very disappointed that no payment option other than credit card is currently available. I do not have a credit card and my German debit card is not accepted as a payment option. Shortly after setting up the phone and my eCloud account I contacted support asking for help with paying to upgrade my storage limit. I was told to wait a couple of months for SEPA payments or to use someone else’s credit card. The SEPA option has not materialised and the option of using someone else’s card is inappropriate and unacceptable for an organisation that wishes to be taken seriously.

Please make extending payment options a priority development for the coming month (not year!). Until you do so you limit the ability of non credit card owners such as myself to both break away from previous service providers and to use the phone and eCloud service together beyond the initial 1Gb storage limit.

I want to support your services. I want to give you my money. Please make it possible.

Thanks again for the post and the roadmap for 2021. Keep up the great work, it is very much appreciated.


I’m excited for these changes! As a not super technical user I’m happy to learn some things like blocking trackers or removing unnecessary apps will be easier. I’m also very excited for a privacy-based text to speech function. I’ve always felt a bit frustrated that I couldn’t use these features in Windows or Android without trading privacy - Both my own but more importantly also the privacy of my clients’ if I want to use it for work. As a psychologist, that’s just unacceptable for me. So I’m waiting impatiently untill it’s here :slight_smile:


One person’s “useless” is anther person’s “essential and helpful”. Lucky that this change - and I hope all the rest of these “improvements” - will be optional for users :wink:

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I like the frugal part. Frugal is my middle name :grin:

I wonder if you’ve considered adding root type tweaking to many phones. That’s why I first got interested in alternative operating systems, getting rid of google was just a big plus.

For example, most phones have an energy save mode, and some will even automatically turn it on when the battery reaches a certain percentage. But it’s all or nothing. I’d like to be able to select what features to turn off or slow down and by how much. Maybe I just want to run 4 cores all the time, or maybe run them at a slower speed. We used to do stuff like this back in the Pocket PC days…

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Does it mean, that OpenCamera gets support?

Ah! That is all great. With all these improvements I would not think of going to any other OS. I will also recomend others.
Only thing is, I want to see is V 1.0.
And if possible do something of SECURITY section. You know that is going to be a must thing in this new time.

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Yes we hope to get a dedicated resource to work on the /e/OS OpenCamera fork


All of this is very good news. This post addresses some of my concerns so I am eager to see the progress /e/ makes this year. This is a very exciting time. :cowboy_hat_face:


This is really great. Looking forward to this.

All this are good points that also underline why /e/OS is different from lineage and ASOP and not just a rebranded copy.

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This is just too great that beyond my imagination! /e/ ROCKS!

BTW, an excellent camera support is in a way a game changer. The camera was one of my main problemes back in the days with CyanogenMod. After I got a new phone I sacrificed privacy for image quality (stock samsung). Now with e everything is fine. Guess, this applies to many users.

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And is there anything about DELTA Update?

I ve read the /e/ roadmap for 2021. It seems very promising. Now when you people have decided to make the os the most efficient and energy saving, I think Delta Update will help to serve that purpose as it will save lots of data transfering on each update. It will save a lots of data transfer, time and so energy for that transfer.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


We will be considering adding Delta updates as well as part of the build enhancement plans for the year.


Will /e/ release all /e/ apps on F-Droid or create an F-Droid repository at any point,? From the redesigned default apps to the /e/ app-store, and even the /e/ camera itself. I can only imagine that would increase /e/s visibility as well as an uptake in /e/ OS app use and recognition. I think that would be worth doing. :sunglasses:


I am very excited and cant wait for the chances to come to my phone :D. Thanks for your’e awesome work.

This will be great. I hope will can use Sdcard as Dcim folder.

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… and by supporting the Fairphone you did a really great job regarding the environmental and recycling aspects! I personally just bought way too many smartphones because of “unchangeable” batteries dying. I’ll stick with the Fairphone for a long time and you are giving me the possibility to do so, thx!

Maybe it’s good to take a look at the “Aurora Store” here. I really like it.

YES PLEASE! I’m desperately missing this feature to cleanup the OS to my taste :slight_smile:

One can just love you for this one.

Overall, I really like where this is going. I also appreciate the collaboration between Fairphone and /e/ making /e/-OS an offical OS for their phones. Keep on going!