Request for /e/OS 1.0 on Samsung SM-G9550 Galaxy S8+ Snapdragon 835

I really would appreciate to download an /e/OS 1.0 ver. for the above smart-phone Samsung SM-G9550 Galaxy S8+ Snapdragon 835 .

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It is expected for the end of September. Hopefully

Hello everyone! Is it possible, to join a “beta-testing”-team to receive the newest firmware and helping finding and fixing bugs? I would like to help testing the samsung s8 exynos Q / V1 or newer firmware. Greetings

Hi @BIOHAZARD welcome to the /e/ forum.

You can apply to join the Testing team by following the guidance on this page Testing @/e/.

Hi @astorgus welcome too! Regarding the Samsung SM-G9550 Galaxy S8+ Snapdragon 835, generally /e/ cannot support this generation of Samsung phone as it has a locked bootloader. Your model number is different from that listed for Info about Samsung Galaxy S8+ - dream2lte SM-G955F.