Request for OnePlus Nord 2 5G (modele DN2103) - denniz

Do you plan and if not, is it possible to add to the support list the OnPlus Nord 2 (I have a Pac-Man edition, I don’t think it’s change anything).

(I previously have a OnePlus X (Onyx) with /e/ on it (perfect), but someone stole it from me.)

For now I din’t find any rom on Lineage.
One XDA there are many rom :
Current Andoid version : 11 (Oxygen 11.3)

Have a good day !

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


I highly doubles this. Nord2 is an affordable phone with high specs and good camera. Should have been popular and pilled with bloatware out of the box.

Yes many blotware, but less than Samsung or Huawei (I feel).
I use this for help me to clean up a little.


Thanks, mate! I did this manually through adb cmd based on Nord1 XDA-forum debloating thread. I hope this could make this more convenient. Nevertheless we need /e/ to get rid off google’s surveillance just because non of custom ROMs are stable for a daily basis.

Dunno if can help, but crDroid released official OnePlus Nord (avicii) Android 12 - but 11 and 10 earlier - builds:

Yes we need it for nord 2

Hi @Post-Scriptum, @akash_258 and @errorist the search for all (6?) Oneplus nord variants continues! I suggest you could search the posts for this device request, perhaps start here Will /e/ OS run on the OnePlus Nord N200 5G?. This already includes a link to another post One Plus Nord devices, learned it the hard way.

At this stage we need the devicecode of requested phones in order to look for Lineage work being done on the device (/e/ is simply an extended fork of LineageOS.)

AIDA64 is a free app which will reveal your devicecode.

Hi @aibd ! As far as I correctly understand your request, ‘Nord 2 5G’ has a ‘Deniz’ device code. From what I know, there’re only 3 unofficial versions for this model, links to all are here (3 messages in a row).

I also see Deniz mentioned.

Edit, in light of next post, thanks! OnePlus Nord 2 5G - Wikipedia shows device codename as DN2103 (looks in error).

@Post-Scriptum I hope it is ok – I adjusted thread title :slight_smile:

Bump: found some (re)sources that may help

Hope that helps !

Don’t worry :wink:
Thanks for the update !

Welcome to the /e/ forum @TheRedLine.

Please can you review this post

If this is your device, please can you close or ask to have closed this thread.

If close your request for the device will still be seen and heard - but the other thread already contains useful information which you may even be able to add to.

Good luck in your journey with /e/ :slight_smile: