Will /e/ OS run on the OnePlus Nord N200 5G?

On the Smartphone Selector I see that the OnePlus Nord phone is supported. Does this include the “OnePlus Nord N200 5G”? I found one of these for sale and I want to try to make sure /e/ OS will run on it before purchasing. I’m in the USA so I’m a bit limited as far as device options. The listing doesn’t say if it is “avicii”, “ac2001”, “ac2003”, or what.

That for sale listing also says “can be unlocked”. I gather from a few lazy Internet searches that the OnePlus phones are generally easy to unlock at home. Anyone know if this phone will be easy to unlock?

Hi @meonkeys, you could compare with this One Plus Nord devices, learned it the hard way :slight_smile:

Thank you. Sounds like the “CE 5G” is yet another version of the OnePlus Nord. I’m having a hard time figuring out code names and model numbers before buying phones.

OnePlus Nord - Wikipedia says there are 6 versions of the Nord. I can only find the one code name (“avicii”).

Here is a guess codename Holi; from Photos of OnePlus Nord N200 5G leaked before launch, specifications also surfaced - PressWire18 (stuffed with trackers and adverts :blush: ) My link had two codenames Ivan and ebba - so you have two left to find!

Figured out that most of these models in question are listed on the OnePlus homepage on the India domain. For security reasons the link does not seem to be allowed to be posted here ??? so just look up the normal homepage and replace it with .in at the end.