Reset your /e/phone to Factory Settings


Learn to factory reset your smartphone running /e/OS

Pro tip: It is advised that you factory reset your smartphone before selling it.


  • A phone with /e/OS

Let’s roll.

Before we continue, this is NOT something that you want to do unless asked owing to system critical bug. Performing a factory reset on your /e/ phone will delete all your phone data that is locally stored and not uploaded to the /e/cloud. Backups are vital.

  1. Open /e/OS Settings and scroll down most to open System settings

  1. In System settings, tap 'Advanced’ to open 'Reset options’ therein.

In ‘Reset options’, tap ‘Erase all data (factory reset)’ to continue.

Scroll down to go through the list of your accounts to activate the Reset button.

Tap ‘Reset phone’ to continue.

You will be asked to ‘Enter your device password’ manually to continue the process. Once done, your device will reboot to wipe the phone storage and all data therein.

Upon reboot, you will be presented with a factory new /e/OS setup for you to configure from beginning.

Note: ‘Factory Reset’ only wipes phone’s internal data/cache. It does NOT cover the SD card unless mounted as internal storage. Make sure you handle it separately.

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