Revert OnePlus 7 Pro e.OS 0.16 to Stock, to fix unrecognized SIM issue


after updating my OnePlus 7 Pro to latest e.OS 0.16 my SIM card ist not recognized anymore.

According to an earlier thread No SIM after flashing One +7 pro reverting to Stock and from there going to e.OS 0.16 may fix the issue.

Would someone know a working procedure to bring a 0.16 e.OS over to a Stock Oxygen OS? I tried several reverting variants, e.g. a flash-all from mauronofrio (flash-all-critical not yet), or the procedure I referenced here last year OnePlus 7 Pro issues but so far without success.

I currently have a non-working slot A (no boot or recovery) where I at last had tried flash-all.bat using from mauronofrio fastbootroms And on slot B I have a mostly working e.OS 0.15 and e.OS recovery.

I am unsure which path I should try out next. E.g. when flashing both slots using this procedure , I am unsure if I should be using the old image in the same post. These versions are probably Pie and trying to downgrade may not be the best idea. Also it seems to be Hydrogen OS (China) and not Oxygen OS, as mentioned on other xda posts.

Would someone know a working ‘back to stock’ procedure? Thanks in advance!

In this thread it seems that for my european GM1913 the latest GM21BA stock firmware is 10.0.10 (while the GM21AA global / international firmware seems to be on 10.3.8 already). Is it better to take the EU one because of the radio or should the global one be prefereable, due to closer to current e.OS 0.16?


I was able to go back to stock and from there flash e.os 0.16. Everything works now as intended, so all fine again.

The procedure is quick simple, I warmly recommend this thread here:

The procedure is the most simple one available. It is describes step by step in the thread and is more or less two clicks. It seems to flash all or most partitions of the phone. It took 20 minutes on my devices and was back to 10.0.10 stock afterwards. For everyone who follow this path, hope this works out for you, too.

Installation of 0.16 is just as in the official docs. All fine like that.

So, happily enjoying e.OS again.

Does anyone have a decent backup procedure for getting als the app settings back? E.g. installation the apps by hand is done using adb within a few minutes. App configs can most often gotten back through Titanium Backup. But how about accounts, contacts, etc, short messages? The last three never seems to worked easily through Titanium.