Revert to Stock ROM OnePlus 5T

Hi all,

I am trying to find instructions in the forum to return my OnePlus 5T to its stock ROM. Are there detailed instructions to remove /e/ and set my device to how it came out of the box? I tried to locate some directions in the wiki and this forum but I haven’t had any luck yet.

I appreciate your help.

When I installed /e/ on my 5t I noticed that they provide a rom on the oneplus website, I would imagine installing that would work the same way as installing /e/ itself

Thanks @Carlos I’ll give that a shot.

nice, let us know how that goes. in general its something worth knowing

@Romey out of curiosity, did you manage to reinstall the stock rom?

Have reverted my old OnePlus One back to stock oneplus rom many times from Ubuntu Touch, Lineage and /e/ roms no problem. In my case it was basically just a flash-all.bat command in fastboot.


I would like to know if you succeeded in going back to OOS. And how.
I would need to do so but just can’t make it work.

This article may help you, just dont relock the bootloader if you are planning to flash /e/ on afterwards.

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Thank you. But I don’t know why, but the step 7 (copying the zip on the internal storage) won’t work…
And when trying to push it through adb, it results with that
adb: error: connect failed: closed
But everything seems to be OK.

Do you see the device in adb mode when you type: adb devices ? Does the device boot into any OS so you can just drag and drop across onto internal storage?

I see it (in recovery).
I could drap and drop, but I need to format data (step 4), it would then be erased

I just tried sideloading it, and it results in “zip treble compatibility error! invalid zip file format”

I’m downloading the OOS 4.7.5 version proposed to see what it gives, but it is still loading it on my computer (Ubuntu by the way)

With this one, sideloading seems to work (D&D, and adb push failed). It is charging into the device.

OK. It worked. Thanks a lot. Now I’ll see how to have the last OOS version.