Roadmap for Murena and /e/OS in 2022

Read all about the Roadmap for /Murena and e/OS in 2022 as we near v1…link points to the post on Medium

Update: Read the complete content on the forum here

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For those who do not want to go to an external site like medium, we will post the content on a thread in this forum ASAP.
Read the content on the forum


Very nice with these progress reports and newsletters Gaël. One question, will the new email domain be or

For now there is no change in the domain names, if there are we will share the information with all users.

Hi all,

What it was expected in the 2021 raodmap:

Uninstalling default applications
This has been a long-requested feature from some users. And we agree that there is no reason why we wouldn’t let users uninstall default apps in /e/OS.
It’s not trivial to implement though, and that’s why it’s still not possible today. However, we know how we want to make it possible, so it’s now officially on the 2021 roadmap!

I just want to know if this feature has been dropped or delayed. I can’t see any update about this in the new roadmap 2022.

Thank you for all the job done and not yet done !


This feature has been on the road maps for a long time :frowning:
Unfortunately, it has proved to be difficult to implement in code. We did start work on it, but had to leave it as it got complicated and more pressing development activities took priority. We are still hopeful of adding it to our future plans and implement it.


Has workaround … tends to favour other issues in the queue.
That it seems to be complicated to implement doesn’t help either.

If that’s what’s holding you up, you can just deliberately not use the /e/OS App Lounge.
Many /e/OS users use F-Droid and (if even needed) Aurora Store directly.


Or you might wait till the launch of 1.0 and see what this will bring…

Speaking of which… the launch event happened yesterday… maybe time for an announcement post about the 1.0 release in these very forums ? :wink:

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I meant : time for an announcement post about 1.0 release in these very forums, which would be titled “1.0 released”, not something relating to developers and testers news :wink:

We are working on a post highlighting what comes as part of v1.0 and shall release it ASAP.
A technical article mentioning way Advanced Privacy works is also in the works.


@GaelDuval No roadmap for 2023??