Roll back on Samsung Galaxy S9 failed? Phone won´t charge

I rolled back E/OS on a Samsung S9 to stock Android. Used Odin and all seemed to work fine. System was up and running. But now this error shows when trying to charge. Does anyone have any idea what could have gone wrong?

Thanx a lot for your help.

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The image represents water detected.

Edit for clarity If you search online for “How to charge your phone if it displays a water drop icon” you are likely to find the Samsung U-tube video quite a few workarounds containing a structured approach to solving the problem to. We did see this on a family phone and it it was solved following the “gentle first” guidelines went away, don’t remember what the final solution was. This is the Official Samsung (UK) support link.

Thanks so much. I sold the phone and feel a bit awkward. Thanx for your help and quick response aibd

Yes. Water or dirt on the usb connector… The person to whom you sold it could try to clean the USB connector with a thin cloth or use a wireless charger temporarily.

Thank you very much Cooler I will let him know straight away.
Wishing you a good day!

Speaking to the family member who had this issue, the idea of “Dew point” cropped up … together with this time of year.

Say the phone was in a cold dry place for a while (in transit?) then bought to slightly humid room temperature a dew point sensor might be tripped.

The sensor may be both sensitive and persistent, hence the Samsung recommended sequence of jobs to eliminate it (bearing in mind also that maybe the phone / usb port did actually get damp or dirty).

How kind of you to ask. Thank you aibd. Yes the man I sold it to is a taxi driver. He left it in the car for days. Maybe he took it inside and then the problem occurred. I suspect condensation especially with this kind of whether in Holland. Holland had become the New England, it is raining here 3/4 of the year :slight_smile:

I’ve had this on two of my Samsung – S9 & S9+
Good news it was not persistent, but it can take a while to clear.
Heat was the way to go for me. A small heat gun with a small nozzle and 60°, but this time of year a few houres on the heater may work, too.

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Thanks for the good news make-nz . Hope this will do the trick
Have a good weekend!