Roll back to the previous /e/ OS v.0.23 from v.1.0?

as I was in the process of installing twrp and backing up to be able to roll back as my phone was basically unusable, (which gave me the weebiejeebies because I have no clue what I am doing in abd shell), I will instead try this update and see what happens.
report back soon

report back after update:
Can confirm that latest update issued 22 June fixes the majority of issues with my FP3+: Significantly more responsive overall, no lag when unlocking screen, camera works again, browsers less prone to crashing but still tend to freeze up on certain pages.

Can also confirm that hotspot function is now broken (not the case in previous update).

Regarding WiFi / internet connectivity and IM app calls I will have to do further tests, but at least the IM apps seem to run more smoothly in general now.

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Thanks to all /e/ OS team for the quick update. The camera is working fine now.
I hope that you still have some energy to fix remaining bugs. Your work is awesome!

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Hi eveyone,

I updated my FP3+ with the last update from 22 June; since, I can’t use access point anymore (when I activate it, it turns off on its own in less than 5 seconds).

I was tring to rollback to 0.23, but I saw this forum so I tought maybe I wasn’t the only one having new issues with this update.

Hi @EkanSkaya , yes, this issue is being addressed and will hopefully be fixed in the next update.

In the meantime, as discussed here, you will likely find that USB tethering is still working, which is the workaround most of us are using.

Confirming that /e/OS update 1.1-20220705201319 has fixed the hotspot issue on my FP3.

Thanks to all those who contributed to developing and rolling this out :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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