[ROM][UNOFFICIAL][13]/[Testing] eOS-T for Samsung Galaxy S21 (o1s only) (exynos 2100 variant)

I was also able to build. Who wants to test? Might also not even boot…but the developer is active and motivated


Retail Branding Marketing Name Device Model
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G o1s SM-G991B
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G o1s SM-G991N
but not
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G o1q SM-G9910
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G o1q SM-G991Q
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G o1q SM-G991U1
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G o1q SM-G991W
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G SC-51B SC-51B
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G SCG09 SCG09

hello there .

can you please also make \e\ os for s21 ultra exynos (p3s).
thank you

There are yet no sources for the S21 Ultra for building

i searched github (https://github.com/search?q=android_device_p3s&type=repositories) and found this https://github.com/Exy2100-LOS. it has the repos for p3s. (already has an unofficial crdroid i think)

and thank you for the quick reply. i hope this will work.

I know this source (there are two others). None of them work

Here is the respective xda thread:


Hi there,
it seems that nobody has tried it yet. I have a Samsung Galaxy S21 (SM-G991B/DS) and I am willing to take the risk. I want to test installing it but I would need further instructions. Under the link above I get five zip-files (eOSBuildsRonnz98 download | SourceForge.net) Which one should I choose and how exactly do I proceed after downloading the right zip-file?

Sorry, if this question is too stupid, but I only have installed /e/ OS once before - on my old Galaxy S7, but for this an idiot proof installation kit was provided.

Thanx a lot!

Please look here for instructions: