Root or not root S9 / Android 10

The complete process to get / e / OS 0.13-q-xxx on a Galaxy S9 (with Android 10 stock ROM) is already largely clear to me. But always the question: do you have to root or not? If so, is it Magisk? If not, that’s fine too. Who can help?

Root isn’t required for correct running of /e/ OS ‘Q’ on the S9 ‘starlte’ or other /e/OS supported devices.

The pros and cons of rooting Android smartphones have been talked about in umpteen places here in the forum and on the WWW anyway. I use unrooted devices, because the interventions in the system that are important to me are done with on-board tools and ‘adb’ commands.

So Matop, did you root your S9? What is your opinion on it? Ibam thinking about rooting my S9 so I can get my banking app and a few other apps I like that require rooting.

You can root it or leaf it, it depends on you