Upgrade to Android 10 possible?

Hey guys. Just got my phone working with /e/ OS. But to my surprise it’s the Android 8 installed.
A little search revealed this post:

Apparently that user has the same phone as me (Samsung S9), but he’s got the Android 10 installed.

Can I upgrade to 10? If so, how?

Smartphone Selector > Info about Samsung Galaxy S9 - starlte > Revert Samsung Device to stock ROM on Windows PC > Install /e/ on a Samsung Galaxy S9 - “starlte”

Thanx. But I read those instructions before and they were too complicated for me. So I went with the Easy Install.
And I don’t where they make an alliance to install 10 instead of 8.

There are issues! Android 10 is a “development” build, while on these devices only Android 8 is regarded as stable. It is thought that stable is more suitable for people migrating fresh to /e/, while after a bit of learning experience many users are happy to take their chances with dev.

If you do a bit more familiarisation and some reading it will probably seem less of a hurdle.

[HOWTO] an Unified Install Guide Project for /e/

Find below two good links to upgrade a Sumsung S9 from /e/ oreo stable to /e/ Q Dev:

The first one in english

The second one in french

Thank you for your post. Merci pour l’info.

Have you found any problems with running Q on your S9? As-tu eux des problemes avec Q sure ton S9?

Everything works? Tout va bien?

My S9 is working well for my needs with Q Dev.
I noticed some smal issues with the dark mode that should be fixed in the next released…
I also opened two issues in Gitlab:
Battery slow charge setting inoperative
Some settings reset after a phone reboot