S5 mini compatible?

Where can i find an e. version for s5 mini ?

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

Time for Ofiicial Release , s5 mini is the only one i can handle with. Unofficial is to risk for me need a working Telephone…

Actually, I don’t think that an official release will give you a 100% security. I think there is always a small risk. You might also make a small mistake yourself during the flashing process or whatever.

I tried the unofficial build here and it works just fine. Only encryption did not work for me but neither did it work for the official build of my A5 2017 (but others were able to conduct the encryption, so that might just be me doing something wrong).

Whaterver, I guess there are several people who are using the above mentioned build and reported that it works just fine.

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I guess (can’t be sure) that the unofficial build has been made thanks to this unofficial LineageOS build so what doesn’t work here won’t work on the unofficial /e/ build.

But indeed, especially if people reported the build was working, you shouldn’t be afraid of this unofficial build compared to an official one.

Make sure to know how to go back to the stock rom in case the unofficial build doesn’t fit your need.


Just to stay on topic, I flashed Pie unofficial on my Samsung S4 mini (thanks to @Chimpthepimp ), and its working fine!
But I understand that is not my working phone like yours.
But, you could backup your current build and only then flash Pie…
In the remote possibility that acts strange, you could roll back to official /e/ build, or whatever else.
Ciao! :slightly_smiling_face: :crossed_fingers: