S7 edge bluetooth doesn't work

Hello /e/ community,

I have installed the last week /e/ on my phone and I have an issue with the bluetooth.
I can’t connect my phone to others devices like my car or my headphones.
My phone don’t see the others devices, and the others devices don’t see my phone.

The bluetooth doesn’t work with S7 in G930FXXU4ESB1 band version but works with older band version like G930FXXU2ERD6.

I think it’s impossible to downgrade the band version on Samsung phone.
Someone have a solution ?


I have the same issue with my new bought /e/-phone S7, which has the pre-installed /e/-image 0.7-2019062814891
It seems to be a software bug, and not a hardware issue
There is already an entry at gitlab

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Exactly the same for me with my new /e/ s7, the bluetooth doesn’t work. I tried with 3 different devices (headphone, speaker, car)

If not already done please can you all attach log’s with the issue raised on gitlab. The development team was requesting if we could get kernel logs to help debug this issue as they would be better than standard Android logs
Steps to get a kernel log:

  1. Enable developer options on your phone
  2. Scroll down in the Developer settings and also enable ‘Root Access’
    when you click on this text it would display two choices - Disabled and ADB only . select ADB only
  3. Connect your phone with usb cable to access and run the adb commands from your PC
  4. From PC run the command adb root
    you should now see this message ‘restarting adbd as root’ on your PC screen
  5. Run this command
    adb shell dmesg>>log.txt
  6. This should get you a file named log.txt in the folder you are working in on your PC.
  7. Attach the log to the bug report here

Kindly try to do any Bluetooth related activity just before running this command. Like turning it on/off and searching/pairing with other devices. Also try to capture logs just after restart.

The last update (20190807) has solved the problem on my S7

I still can’t see that update. When will it be available for the S7 edge (hero2lte)?


We succeeded to figure out about the origin of this issue, and how to fix it. A fix has been merged to our builds and is now available in the OTA update.

/!\ Pay attention : for now, the fix is published only on the dev version.

Once it’s fully validated, we will publish it for the stable version, the one which is installed on refurbished devices.

ETA for availability on /e/ refurbished smartphones: 7 days.

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I had, more or less the same issue with bluetooth not working well on samsung s7 edge.
the last update to 0.7.2019081620422 seems to fix it.

Thank you for the feedback. The update was finally published on Friday for refurbished phones.


I’m not sure that it’s completely fixed, my PC is now able to detect my S7 but my phone doesn’t detect my PC. Still the PC was enough to connect the two of them.

Strange. Does your computer visible by other devices? Sometimes it’s possible to hide a device.

Unfortunately i don’t have any other device with Bluetooth ; I will check as soon as possible.