S8 excellent surprise!


I have been using /e/ since 2018 and one of the first “mainstream” beta versions. First on a Leeco 2 then an S7. I’ve seen the project evolve and improve. The experience has always been very satisfying, but some annoying bugs persisted (especially the echo when calling on S7).

Following an accident, my S7 is down. So I hesitated on the model and finally I turned to an S8… I must say that to this day I am surprised by the quality of /e/ (0.13, android9). Except for a few problems with sliding the notification bar in case of a notification (which sometimes requires turning the screen off and on again), everything seems to work perfectly!

In front of the many critics I have read on this forum, I want to testify that on the S8 the experiment is complete !

On the other hand, I still have to improve the installation via “easy installer”, because I could not achieve the complete installation with this method … Too bad…

Best regards


I’m on S8 as well, SM950F, same android an release. Would you please so kind to verify if tasks works with DAV servers?
Mine is only local

Unfortunately, I don’t use TASK and moreover, the app is uninstalled…


A friend om my is selling his 18 monts old S8 for a reasonable price.
I am using /e/ about 18 months now on a old Nexus 5.
Would it be a good idea to switch to a Samsung S8 (is the image stable enough)?


Yes, it is. I am using the S8. No issues. The S8 is one of the sold phones by e. This means most stable builds and long term support of the OS. They will even upgrade from pie to Q once Q gets stable for the S8.

Here on S8 some annoying issues such as “tasks” only local and some other minor annoyances.

I’ve never experienced a crash