S8 G950FD does not connect to the mobile network

I got my S8 G950FD running using e-0.9-p-2020051454091-dev-dreamlte.zip and connected to wifi without a problem. Put in a working Verizon SIM and registered to the network from “automatically select network”. Phone Services reports "Selected network (Verizon Wireless) unavailable.

I re-flashed the original stock image and then recreated the /e/ install. Same result. Calls work with stock but not with /e/. Does anybody have the same issue or a functional S8?

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Check APN settings

If you don’t have a network with your SIM card, this may be due to the APN settings. With this setting, your S8"dreamlte" knows which network it should dial into at best.

APN is the abbreviation for Access Point Name. The best way to find out is to go to your mobile operator’s help pages on the Internet. There you will find the APN data. Now you’ve to match this data with the settings in the menu of your device.

Device > Settings > Mobile networks > Access point names > APNs

apn4 apn3 apn2 apn1

Under APNs, the phone showed 4 choices with the “Verizon Internet” option selected. When I hold down the choice to edit, it’s all greyed out with the relevant options (MMSC, port, etc.) showing “not set”. I don’t see any way to add a APN or edit the existing ones.

You can’t add a new APN via the Plus sign on top right site?

I can edit:


I’d love to add, but alas…

What is inside the 3 dot menu upper right side?

“Reset to Default” is the only option. Pressing it simply deselects my existing choice.

I can edit all four entries under APNs.

Verizon Wireless is known for its restrictive distribution policy. For example, they block bootloaders for life. Maybe they have SIM protection against custom ROMs?


Seems unlikely

It’s fine with me if that’s what you think. From where I sit, nothing is impossible.

4G SIM Card FAQs

6…Is my 4G SIM card compatible with any other provider’s device?
Possibly. Many providers are GSM-based (meaning their service also uses a SIM card), however, Verizon Wireless can only support Verizon Wireless-Certified 4G devices. See a list of Verizon Wireless certified devices.

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is in the list of Verizon Wireless certified devices - with StockROM Android. Verizon is a known opponent of custom ROMs.

I would prefer using LOS ir any other custom rom to check if your SIM is working there. If yes, eOS has a bug. If not, it’s an verizon issue

I went in to the Verizon store and they claim that the IMEI on the device doesn’t work with the Verizon network. Strange because I successfully made a call with the stock ROM.

The S8 G950FD (Global Dual-SIM) supports all LTE 4G bands and even more than the S8 G950V (Verizon edition). That’s where the problem can’t come from.

Which stockROM firmware (region) is available on your device?

The Baseband versions number G950F… gives exact information.

I used this one:

Country (unknown (DOO) Android 7.0 - this doesn’t sound particularly Verizon compatible.

I really don’t know which firmware to recommend, because North America is far off in this Galaxy S8 SM-G950FD firmware list.

When I loaded the unknown (DOO) firmware and put my Verizon SIM in, I was able to make a call.

Yeah, I got that six hours ago.

But there is the problem S8 G950FD + Custom ROM to solve. We’ve to find out if the problem is due to LineageOS or /e/ OS. Therefore it would be good to try an (unofficial) LineageOS ROM or an AOSP ROM to narrow down the issue.

Sorry about the repeating, I’ll post the results back here…

For example, you could try this unofficial LOS 17.1 ROM. The download source is reputable. I know the developer.