Samsgung Galaxy S9 Ethernet support

Has anyone managed to get wired Ethernet working on an /e/ Galaxy S9? It doesn’t seem to be supported – I’ve tried two different Ethernet to USB-C adapters. Both of these adapters should be OTG adapters – they succeed in providing Ethernet network access to other mobile devices that I have.

There is no option for Ethernet visible in Settings, and there don’t appear to be any Intents that I can fire via adb to launch a hidden Ethernet settings Activity:

adb shell dumpsys package r | grep ETHERNET

Yields nothing. Is the driver simply not included in the build? Any info would be appreciated.


No but im very interested inn having this feature added. From what ive been able to gather it is indeed missing drivers that standard android now has.

Im happy to donate $250 to the project if someone can incorporate these drivers into the build so the current generation of USB-C Ethernet+Charge adapters work. As they do in standard android on the Galaxy S9.

I’ll match that $250 bounty offer. $500 combined open bounty on Ethernet for GS9

Wow $500 bounty. Surely thats enough to motivate or even hire someone to add this feature.

An issue has been raised to add it at some stage a few days ago.

Maybe it would be helpful to mention this thread and bounty in that Issue.

There is an issue created for this here

Hey guys, that is a good idea.
Would you formalize this bounty on a dedicated platform?
That could be this one for instance

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Great ill set one up asap.

Update – BountySource are having trouble adding the bounty. They say they are doing it manually due to incompatibility with Gitlab custom domain. Should be up in a few days.

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I tried it with the Samsung DeX Station EE-MG950. With Stock Android the connection is established immediately, under /e/ OS ‘Q’ the Dex Station only serves as a table charging cradle.

Hello. I did a search about ethernet and saw this thread. I also have a Samsung Galaxy S9, to which I wish to add an ethernet adapter so that I don’t have to use WiFi. Can anybody confirm if buying an adapter would allow for this now? Thank you.