Samsung Galaxy A50 (2019) SM-A505F/DS

I’d like to request a device. I’m looking for Samsung Galaxy A50 (2019) SM-A505F/DS.
Here’s GSMArena link for the device

Thanks in avdance,

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Just adding some info

Welcome both,
it’s important to search before post to avoid duplicated/multiple instances:

Then a well formatted and resource-rich request may push buildings.

Here’s an example of a formatted request…

…and a list of resources:

Hope that inspires !

I made an unofficial build if you want to try:

I tried it on my a505f (turkey) but it was stuck on the e logo.

I did it according to the instructions.

It was my stock rom before trying the rom. Which stock rom model did you try it on? Or it was lineage os before you try the build?