[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Samsung Galaxy A50 (a505f) for /e/OS-T

Samsung Galaxy A50 (a505f) for /e/OS-T-1.17


Please see sources and install instructions including recovery here:

Use it at your own risk!
Please support the developer(s)!

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I tried it on my sma505f (turkey), I followed the instructions but it was just stuck on the /e/ logo. Which country model did you try it?

By the way lineage os 20 worked well. So it may be about an issue of the rom itself.

Yes might be. I do not have the device but forking a lot of LOS20 sources for /e/OS. Most works but some unfortunately not. I will build another ROM the the sources are updated or make a current /e/OS ROM.

Thank you for your reply! I appreciate your effort making /e/ roms!

I made a new build, however A50 sources were not updated:


You might try also to get e-recovery from this ZIP and try to install from there:

Thx. I’m trying it now.

Edit: It didn’t work again, unfortunately.

It works for me, with the method of dirty flashing @ronnz98 e/os/ system image upon lineage 20 from the initial post.

It’s very, very stable (not even a single restart in a month) and battery life is great. I’m very pleased. Thanks to @ronnz98 , as always.

I already posted a few times but to repeat - tutorial how to do it is here:

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Update for /e/OS-T 2.1:

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Hello e/os-t 2.1 succesfully installed on my samsung A50 but its not booting, just showing the E logo bouncing for hours, and i also tried installing los first than e/OS but same results can you please help me installing e/OS on my device i loved the os its my favorite :upside_down_face:

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@sethdot : does 2.1 T work for you?

I stil didn’t test it but 1.19. works without any problems.

I will try it out soon and post a more detailed instructions for installation.

I will also try to build rom based on your work that can be installed directly from twrp or other recovery.

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Its not booting sir only showing e logo

its stock in logo e 2.1 tried also with latest mint permissive same