Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910W8 (Snapdragon)

Support was or is dropped for the Exynos (treltexx) version. It looks like my phone will probably never be supported. :frowning: I’d like to help, but no idea where to start. I have some programming experience, but no device experience.

This would ideally or eventually include all (or as many as possible) Snapdragon based devices (depending upon radio support, etc):

  • SM-N910A - USA on AT&T
  • SM-N910F - Europe on Unknown Carriers
  • SM-N910G - Australia, India, Singapore on Unknown Carriers
  • SM-N910P - USA on Sprint
  • SM-N910R4 - USA on US Cellular
  • SM-N910T - USA on T-Mobile
  • SM-N910V - USA on Verizon
  • SM-N910W8 - Canada on ~10 Carriers
  • SM-N9100 - China and Hong Kong on Unknown Carriers (aka Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Duos - dual SIM)

Reasons to support?

  • Device spread across 3 of the most high-tech continents.
  • It’s the last Samsung phone with a replaceable battery.
  • It’s cheap, and plentiful on the market, new, and factory refurbs.
  • It handles LTE, whereas unmodified Note 3’s are being dropped from the US as 3G tech is dropped from network, so 4G LTE is the new minimum.
  • It’s plenty fast enough for everything most people need to do.
  • As little as a year ago, there were many XDA devs interested in support.

I’ll look into it and will try making a Q-build (LOS-17.1) this weekend.


Qualcomm SoCs don’t have unlockable bootloaders, so no chance to get custom ROMs running.

@Ludix But the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005/P was officially supported? Is that also Exynos only and not Snapdragon? The SM-N9005 was Snapdragon 800, vs the SM-N910W8 Snapdragon 805.

Also, found this 2 month old blog with links to ROMS and instructions for LineageOS 17.1 on SM-N910W8 and family. Is this site, blogger, or article credible?

Hmm, interesting. Normaly they can’t be unlocked, but this model may be different.

So best would be to wait for @itsclarence build and just try it out.

It’s ready.
You can test this build, specially for trlte…

Please let me know the outcome…
Be safe and backup your device and enjoy

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@itsclarence Thank you for your efforts on this build.

This is my very first time playing with Android ROMs. I managed get TWRP on, and flash the /e/ 0.16 q 20210320 Unofficial trlte build, and not brick anything.

New(-ish) phone (factory refurbished?), the user data is throw away. However, I did make a backup of every option TWRP had, and copied that backup to PC hard disk.

As far as I know, this device codename is treltecan (the -W8 variation of SM-N910W8). When flashing the ROM, there were some concerning strings mentioning treltexx (which is the Exynos codename?) and SM-N910F (hmm…?) These Qualcomm Snapdragon variants mostly have subtle differences of antenna frequencies.

WiFi seems to be working. Phone seems to connect to voice: UMTS and data: HSPA. Can make and receive phone calls and retrieve voice mail. SMS seems to work, not fully tested, or with MMS.

The Trust dialog pops up with warnings.

SELinux: disabled
Android security patches:
Platform: up to date
Vendor: out of date
Encryption: Disabled

That’s as far as I got for now. I will be using the phone more and see if everything works as expected.

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@itsclarence Had a few random restarts. The phone may have been doing this with the official ROM. It being a factory refurbish, it may have had a hardware issue? As it was sold on eBay by a 3rd party in China, I am uncertain if it was tampered with.

Holding the phone near my chest then quickly (but gently/non-jarring) pull it away, was causing an instant reboot. Then after pushing something on the notification menu to drag it down (intending to edit), it got stuck in a reboot loop, about 3 seconds after logo appeared, it would reboot. I removed the cover and removed the battery, reinserted, and powered up, everything was stable again.

With cover still off, I tried pushing the battery around and was not able to cause a reboot, so I think the battery fitment is good. Not sure if there’s some loose connector internally, some damaged chip/circuit, a hardware tamper, a software tamper, or an /e/ bug? Perhaps any combination. Not ideal for testing.

The other phone with stock ROM also does the random rebooting thing, though not as often, and it has never gone into a loop and not had the position reboot.

Anyways, there are maybe 6-8 settings related to automatic adjustment of brightness based upon ambient light settings. None of them seem to work. I must always manually adjust brightness, even in pitch black darkness at night, which is annoying. The Reading Mode (turns colors greyscale, extra darkness at night) is forgotten after reboot.

Day/Night Light/Dark theme doesn’t automatically switch. Not sure if I misunderstand the settings.
The excessive amount of similarly named settings is confusing. There are some settings pages which do not respect the dark theme, and present a bright white background menu. There are also several items, like notification icons and menu items, which do not respect the dark theme, and keep black text with a dark background.

A usability issue, organizing the “Home” panel and the one to the left. Samsung Note 3 & 4 had this ability to edit and delete all panels, add or remove entire panels, create empty panels, add and remove any or all widgets. With /e/, the panel to the left has static items that can’t be removed. “Search”, a Weather widget, and I think something else? I want it all removed. Is it possible? Is it possible to create new empty panels? I know I can drag one icon to the right to create a panel, but it is cumbersome to drag the icons. The screen acts fidgety, and the selection and dragging seems to respond a bit erratically.

There was this other issue, when I changed a setting (I forgot the setting, maybe related to brightness?), it dramatically decreased sensitivity to the screen, and made it very difficult to tap on any icon or menu. I had to disable that setting. I will have to try and find that setting again and reproduce.

Some of these things may be simpler usability issues with minor theme edits, probably a good candidate for me to try to fix. Some may be device driver bugs. And some may be hardware malfunctions. I’ll probably focus on things that do not appear to be related to hardware malfunctions (i.e. themes, general usability). Will try to differentiate or verify if the hardware has problems, or if it’s software related, by comparing stock phone with this /e/ OS.

Finally, I do not know how, but if you could point me to resources or instruct me how to build this image from source, I could try tinkering with things. I have Android Studio installed, using Windows 10, on an AMD CPU. I can’t use the AMD virtualization, as I need Windows Subsystem for Linux version 2, which relies on Microsoft Hyper-V and Virtualization Platform, and is mutually exclusive with the Android AMD Virtualization. But it’d probably run fast enough for limited testing, I guess.

There are a lot of Howto build in this community.
There are several ways to build.


Oh, this is awesome! I have a N910F (several, actually) and will definitelly test your version as soon as i get the time! Hopefully today, otherwise during rest of the week. Will try and rapport here after that (if i find the way back, this is my first day on this forum…)
Also I just learned how to pull logs with syslog, do you want a log?

Thank you so much for this!!

I just flashed your version (couldn’t wait haha) and it boots fine and fast!! But i often get sim card failure here too after rebooting. The thing is, i stopped updating LOS on this phone because on versions later than LOS16 i had big problems with sim cards losing connection frequently and it was hard to get it back to connect, sometimes it took many reboots. Apparently that was one of big problems for LOS on this device for some reason.

But I will get back to you in a while after i done some more testing… Thank you so much for your effort!

Btw - there is actually a later version of LOS, LOS18, based on android 11. could you work on that one too?

@itsclarence anyway to get this ROM? (Link returns no file) I have a couple old TMobile Note 4s (trlte, SM-N910T) from a few years back. I’d like to flash /e/ to them.

I can’t find it either…somethig went wrong on my side. I’ll try to build a R-version. (based on LOS18.1)

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It would be great if you could test this R-build.
Please be safe and make a backup first and let me know the outcome.


Thank you for providing this. I will place here anything I notice not functioning.

  1. The window or task manager button on the bottom left of the screen does not revert to the windows so that you can close out processes/apps. Specifically, THIS button does not do anything, unable to view processes/apps and close them out.

  2. Encrypting the phone puts it into a bootloop. Re-flashing now.

  3. Not sure the assumption on this with unofficial builds but SELinux is not being enforced.

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Thnx for testing…
Ok, then these buttons don’t seem to work on these early builds for R.
I had the same issues on my klte (S5) build. I’ll build a Q-version tomorrow…

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Have you seen : >settings >system >buttons ?

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No, I already flashed another unofficial ROM to the device. Is that a setting that could possibly allow the button to be functional? I could flash back and try. I would really like to have /e/ up on this device so I don’t have to tweak all the settings to lessen calls home to Google servers.

*I have to try… flashing back now
*The “Recent apps switcher” function will not work with any button :frowning:

*Trying a different launcher now…
*No go, won’t work… looking forward to the Q build from @itsclarence thanks for the suggestion @piero.

Hey folks, I have a Verizon Note 4 and I am happy to test these things too, thanks for your work, where shall I start to download a test version? Post number? Direct link?

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Thank you @itsclarence