Samsung Galaxy S 5 mini G800F

Please build Samsung Galaxy S 5 mini G800F

Thank you. I’d love to try it out.

Yes it is working allright as daily driver.
A bit slow.
Coming from Marshmellow (6) firmware.

MyTrails works. ( Tracking stops often at newer os, due to battery optimisation (although switched off)).

Only open camera sometimes collapse, when display just made photo. In another HD camera app it works.

Pity you have to root to uninstall open camera.

Is there an instruction on how to flash this build? Since the download doesn’t include any /e/ recovery, I wouldn’t know how to install it.
Would have to use Heimdall, since there’s no Windows computer in my house. However, once I found a CLI version of Odin for Linux.
How do I install this build on the phone? I flashed lots of phones, Samsung (w/Heimdall) and other (w/fastboot/ADB), but have never seen a package like this w/o recovery…

You need TWRP as recovery manager… (version 3.3.1-0 works great for this device)

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