Samsung - Galaxy S III (International) - i9300 - Documentation Suggestions

Please add your suggestions to improve the documentation for the Samsung - Galaxy S III (International) - i9300 here …

The same happened to me as described here:

with latest twrp: “failed to map file”, install failed whether through adb sideload or install from a zip.

with v3.0.2-1, all good.

maybe mentioning that and suggesting that version (if that’s the only/proper solution to that problem) could help.


Thanks will add this suggestion to the documentation. We are getting reports of issue from users with the latest TWRP across devices. Using the previous version of TWRP solves this problem in most cases.

This issue has been reported before the release of TWRP 3.4.0 :

Would be nice to hear from other i9300 users what version of TWRP they use.

Could we write something like :
The last version of TWRP 3.4.0-0 is designed for installing OS based on android 10, and don’t match as well for earlier OS version 7, 8, 9, better use an older version of TWRP : ?

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:slight_smile: was planning on putting something like that on the documentation site…This is what I also saw while testing - if you are flashing Q builds …coming from 10 and remain on Q - 3.4.xx should be ok. The 3.4.x… TWRP may be getting complied with the newer device trees of 10. For the rest of Pie , Oreo builds the older TWRP versions are enough.

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