Samsung Galaxy S10+

Je viens d’acheter un Galaxy S10+ (reconditionné) et j’aimerais le faire tourner avec votre OS. Or ce modèle n’apparait pas dans la liste des appareils “supportés”. Que faire ?
N.B. Je ne connais rien en développement.

I just bought a (refurbished) Galaxy S10+ and I want to run your OS on it. However it doesn’t appear on your supported devices’ list. What can be done?
N.B. I have no dev skills at all.

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Bonjour, et bienvenue sur le forum :slight_smile:

Malheureusement vous ne pouvez rien faire de plus qu’attendre qu’il soit supporté ou que quelqu’un fasse une build non-officielle, mais on ne sait pas quand.

Essayez d’installer une autre custom ROM comme LineageOS (s’il y a) en attendant.

Hello, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Unfortunately you can’t do anything more than waiting for it to be supported or for someone to do an unofficial build, but we don’t know when.

Try to install another custom ROM like LineageOS (if any) in the meantime.

Merci pour cette réponse !
Je n’ai ni le matériel ni les compétences pour installer un autre customer ROM.
Savez-vous à qui je peux m’adresser ?

I’ve got neither the material nor the skills to install another customer ROM. Do you know whom can I ask?

There is no differences between installing /e/ or another custom ROM.

This HOWTO will be useful :

You just need to know your device codename (beyond2lte or beyond2qlte or beyondxq) and find a compatible LineageOS for instance.

Download the official Samsung firmware in before. You only need one dumb account and it will take 1h30 to download but you will need it one day to restore your phone.

When could be the official build available?

It would be great if we going to have all feauters of /e/.

Can we get the Samsung Galaxy S10+ on the list?

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Hi @jeepingjohn

as the Galaxy s10+ is a treble compatible device, you could try /e/OS with the help of a Pie or Q /e/ GSI.

Hello, unofficial S10 family Q builds coming!!

I took some time to build them.

S10e done, S10 ongoing, S10+ soon.

Hopefully uploaded tomorrow.

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Here you go:

When could be the official build available?

Current /e/OS 0.23-20220404175826 work fine. still beta, but really good…