[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Unofficial /e/ Q Build for Samsung Galaxy S10/S10e/S10+ (beyondlte family)


In order to help a French user, I took some time to build /e/ Q for the Galaxy S10 family (Exynos).

Built using the official Docker method, with kernel, device and vendor sources from the Whatawurst team (you can search Github Whatawurst for sources, or go to their official thread, link below).

All credits go to /e/ and Whatawurst teams. I just built using their job.

Builds folder can be found here (I know… Google drive is ironical, but it exists, I have stuff I share on it and don’t feel the need to create (yet) another account somewhere else).

Updates will be built form time to time if /e/ or whatawurst teams bring some useful/mandatory/must have new stuff or fix.

Feedback is always appreciated.

Please note I am not a dev and won’t be able to fix things or add features. If anything is broken, you may refer to the LOS 17.1 thread from Whatawurst team.

I may not be around here so often, find me on the telegram community support channel. :slight_smile:

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Builds should be fixed. Please try and let me know.


Seems at least 5 persons/bots used the download link.

Anyone successful in booting the rom?

For the installation process, please make sure you follow the steps recommended in The original LOS 17.1 build XDA thread.

Please note a format /data may be required. So backup ALL your data.


Yes I managed to get it to work on my Galaxy S10 plus. Using it for daily use. Everything is on my Nextcloud instance and on my sdcard, so no fear to loose anything.
I will keep it on my galaxy S10+ for daily use. The Zgcam is a good photo app for the main lens. The opencamera is quite good and permit the use of the ultrawide lens.
So good rom, I keep it preciously in case it disappears, I really hope those Galaxy will get official support. These devices seem so close that it could bring support to 3 new phones with only one effort.

Thanks for your work.


Thanks/Merci for the feedback.

Cool that it works fine for your device!

Hello users!

New build up for the S10e, based on modpunk’s LOS 17.1, v1.3. Bluetooth calls were buggy in previous build.

Can you please test and report?

If bluetooth calls fixed, I’ll then build for S10 and S10+

S10 and S10+ builds uploaded, should be available in a few mn.

The Beyon2lte update 25112020 doesn’t work at all. Tried everything up to format data, nothing to do.

For the s9, a patch and specifics /vendors blobs firmware have to be flashing / applyed with TWRP (or adb sideload) before installing the /e/OS.zip :

patch for the s9

not well detailed here :


very well detailed here :


On witch You can download the repacked firmware from the links below.


Will this work on the SM-G973U? Only the SM-G973F is listed which is not supported on the Verizon network in the USA

search results for « CDMA » on this forum

Hello, sorry for the late answer. Unfortunately not. The SM-G973U has a Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC, which is totally different from the European version.

Thanks @piero . I am just trying some other stuff for now. Will let you know more soon :slight_smile:


Build being uploaded. New download links:

S10e (beyond0lte, SM-G970F)

S10 (beyond1lte, SM-G973F)

S10+ (beyond2lte, SM-G975F)

e-0.12-q-20201107-UNOFFICIAL-beyond*lte.zip builds are known to work on the top of modpunk’s LOS 17.1 v1.2.

For builds waiting to be tested and confirmed (I’d need your feedback, ideally on the top of modpunk’s LOS 17.1 v1.3)):


  - e-0.13-q-20201213-UNOFFICIAL-beyond2lte.zip ==> the one to test first, with my hopefully fixed vendor

  - e-0.13-q-20201213-UNOFFICIAL-beyond2lte_mpv.zip ==> Same as above, but with manually replaced vendor.img, using modpunk's latest build one (Nov 13th).


 - e-0.13-q-20201216-UNOFFICIAL-beyond0lte_XXS9DTI8.zip ==> Build to test, based on blobs extracted directly from the samsung official stock XXS9DTI8 firmware.

 - e-0.13-q-20201217-UNOFFICIAL-beyond0lte_XXU9DTJA.zip ==> uild to test, based on blobs extracted directly from the samsung official stock XXU9DTJA firmware.

so glad I found this OS and that someone has done the work to make it available for the S10+.
I booted it successfully three days ago with your latest update (13/12/20) and am really happy! Thank you very much.
Only some little little things that are not working perfectly, but these are more “appearance” problems.

And I was wondering what is the difference between the _mpv and not mpv file. Because only the one with _mpv worked for my phone! With the other one I end up in on booting screen.

Open Launcher and Weather widget:
cause I like to have a home screen/desktop AND app screen/drawer, I installed open launcher which is almost perfect (i’m only missing the option where I can sort my Apps by myself and not only alphabetically).
When I use pre-installed Weather app widget, it doesn’t take long then it’s greyed out and not functionally anymore. But I think it’s more an Open Launcher problem, not an OS problem.

“Key options”
in the key settings menu not all the actions for keys like search key are working. But it’s not a big problem for me cause I found out to put important functions (flashlight and camera) on power key.

Clear View cover
still in search for an app to use the Samsung’s clear view cover.

I am also very happy that wide angle camera is supported now, also with the pre-installed OpenCamera!
Bluetooth headset is also working in calls.

Again, thank you!

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Thanks for your feedback!

The _mpv stands for the fact that I manually replaced the vendor.img within the zip with the vendor.img from modpunk’s LOS zip (mpv=modpunkvendor).

If you have some time available, I would like a last attempt to build a working version, that is using the official Samsung stock rom blobs, rather than “dirty using” the modpunk’s one.

Before I spend some time doing it, I just want to make sure someone is interested in trying to flash and report.

Hi @Anghirrim,

thank you for your work.

I recently purchased the Samsung Galaxy S10+ (beyond2lte, SM-G975F, German version with Exynos).
I haven’t tried flashing it yet. But I’d sure be interested as I want to degoogle my phone, but instead use MicroG if possible.
If you are building it with the Samsung stock rom blobs, do you think VoLTE would work with it? Because that seems to be one of the few things that don’t yet work with modpunk’s custom ROM.

thanks again.

Hello @explorer79 ,

Unfortunately no. modpunk is building from stock blobs as well (actually, everyone does that, because blobs are the “non open source” part of custom roms.

Sorry, you should expect the exact same behavior on /e/ Q, than on mondpunk’s LOS.

I may try some build based off ivan_meler’s sources later.


I just bought a Samsung S10 model to test e/OS so I’m new on the topic, but some years ago I’ve already installed alternative roms with ADB and so on.

To begin well, I’d like to know if these procedures are still working and the right ones for S10 model :

@Anghirrim Do you plan to build a recent image for S10 / beyond1lte ?

Thank you,


For your S10, I’d rather follow the instructions in this thread:

Once you’re up and running with modpunk’s LOS, you should be able to replace it with /e/.

The available version of /e/ for S10 is the 0.12. But yes, I can build the updates if I know someone needs it. I just don’t have enough spare time to do it “just in case of” . :slight_smile: