Samsung Galaxy S10e

Hi. Just discovered this project (via Fairphone) and love it. Not sure if I can do anything to help, but I definitely support including support for Samsung’s Galaxy S10e, the most balanced Android device I have had in years. Thanks to everyone involved.


Hey everyone,
I have been watching /e/ for quite some times now, and I want my next smartphone to be /e/ ready ! I have my eyes on the S10e and I would love to see an /e/ ROM for this device which has a lot of qualities : powerful, compact format, good built and finishes, good camera, stereo speakers, usb-C + 3.5mm jack. Its only downside might be its low average battery life, but I feel like /e/ could fix easily this issue !
There are few LineageOS 17 ROMs available on XDA, could it be a way to a quick and easy build of an /e/ ROM ?



Note that the custom LOS17.1 ROM from Ivan_Meler is not fully open-source / public. The device tree is missing.

Though there is a new custom ROM from modpunk and others where all the source code is available and that ROM might become official in the near future.

Maybe then a port to /e/ is feasible.

Also: The ROMs above provide support for Galaxy S10/S10+/s10e [EXYNOS]. If one of the devices are supported, then surely all are, so maybe we should change the title of this request to: Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+/s10e

If all sources are aviable, can we ask for an unofficial build by a power user ?
Personnaly I will could not buy this device until about four years but I am interested with it.

Please support the galaxy S10 e such a compact and well equipped phone !

Hi ! +1 for the s10e ! Thanks

Hello everyone !
I just purchased the Samsung Galaxy S10e and so I reiterate my interest for a /e/ ROM on this device ! I think I will go to LineageOS 17.1 with micro G apps for now but I hope to switch quickly to /e/ :grin:

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To all current holders of S10(e) I can suggest the official crDroid ROM. It is also based on LineageOS, but unlike anything before, this variant should support OTA updates (I suppose so). Simply add MicroG and change the default DNS to a more privacy-oriented one.

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Just got a s10e exynos and would love to see support for the s10e. I plan on keeping this phone for a while.
Please bring /e/ to the s10e!


I just got my s10e and the evidence appears: the “e” in its name goes to /e/!!
Please make us dream and make it real, or tell us what to do to make it happen?


Hello, unofficial S10 family Q builds coming!!

I took some time to build them.

S10e done, S10 ongoing, S10+ soon.


Please find below the build:

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Updated build, fixing bluetooth calls.

Can you please test and report? Thanks,


I would like to add my request regarding the Samsung Galaxy S10e. I bought an S8 to be able to run /e/ but I really dislike the curved screen, As a device I like my S10e much more.

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Can we have an update on how to put /e/ on a Galaxy S10 ? Maybe a tutorial in the wiki ? It is not that easy to understand the up-to-date full procedure. Thanks

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Hi @Anghirrim, I’ve seen that a new build with Lineage 18 has been released for the Samsung S10e.
Does this mean that you have to create a new build as well or the one that you created based on 17.1 is still OK?
I want to try to put your build on my Samsung S10e soon.



I am not building anymore. You may ask @petefoth , he’s the one who took over this project.

Thank you for your quick reply, I didn’t realise this. I will ask him, have a great day!

Hi Community,
I also want to express my big wish for official support of the Galaxy S10 E!

Several devs have already successfully proven that buildings working roms is possible but they don’t have the time to maintain it…

I compared many devices of this size. A Galaxy S10 E with /E/ could absolutely keep up with an iPhone 12 mini!

I can’t help in building the rom, but I will definitely donate 50€ to the foundation if official support comes! Swear!!

Hi @Manoj ,

is there something like a roadmap or a ranking of devices that are next to be added for official support? I’m asking to get some sort of idea how much hope there is for the S10e.

Thank you!