Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo How To Update Bootloader?

I installed this ROM:


It’s based on Android 9, but now I wanted to update it to the ROM from Wiki, but checking the version of Bootloader it’s too old to install.

How do I update my bootloader?

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Hi, the bootloader is located in boot.img of this firmware.

I recommend to reinstall the firmware completely to ensure a safe and working installation of /e/OS e-1.10-r-20230415279828-dev-s3ve3gjv.

A “shortened” firmware update with only the boot.img is a risk you should only take if you know how to help yourself if something goes wrong or doesn’t work.

Thank You for your reply, your links are very helpful, but not working, I’ve tried to download it by first registering on their site and after that it says that it’s archived, only for premium members. I will not pay half price of this phone just to download the boot.img.
This little phone goes to my mother she is using LG G2 Mini, and it becomes unusable (Android 5 and no further upgrade), that’s why I want to “upgrade” her phone to at least Android 10, so it stays for longer.

I’ve read a lot of tutorials on YouTube how to upgrade bootloader, but most of them are just crap using proprietary programs.

I’m a Linux power user, so what I understand I need somehow to have access to boot partition in the phone, by rooting maybe? Can I do it with Gparted on Linux maybe switching the phone to “special” mode? How do I do it to see partitions? I can use ADB (platform-tools) from Linux console or Odin3 from Windows, but I don’t like Windows much.

Then I just replace the file “boot.img” from your link, and I’m good to go to install /e/OS from Wiki?

Also, can I brick my phone, tinkering with boot.img? Or as any flash drive I can upload it even if I make mistake?

Also, will this tutorial be OK? :

yes to replace boot.img
but bootloader and boot.tmg are two ddiferents things,
boot.img is loaded by the bootloader,
bootloader is included in aboot.mbn witch is part of the BL.tar.md5 of the Samsung firmware

Thank You for response, There is no region for me called Poland. Should I try alternative?
It’s too complicated for me. I have options 4.3 android or 4.4, too many options to choose from.

I will probably bail out, didn’t know that it’s so complicated to install. I want to kill myself because I’m scared that I can break things and on the other hand, I failed to understand how to install it. Because I simply don’t know which version to choose from, so I know that I will break things and I cannot afford it.

Not correct! Firmware Download GT-I9301I for Region XEO (Poland)

H o w e v e r, /e/OS-R 1.10 will not work with this or other Stock firmware version because the device must be explicitly equipped with bootloader version I9301IXCUARA1 and MODEM/CP Version: I9301IXXUAPG1

Special requirements
Caution: Your device must be on bootloader version: GT-I9301I = I9301IXCUARA1 / … otherwise the instructions found in this page will not work. The current bootloader version can be checked by running the command getprop ro.bootloader in a terminal app or an adb shell from a command prompt (on Windows) or terminal (on Linux or macOS) window.

It’s not complicated at all! You are making it unnecessarily difficult for yourself by not following this /e/OS documentation

Install the only properly functioning stock firmware for region COS (Greece) via HEIMDALL or ODIN, then recovery-e-1.10-r-20230415279828-dev-s3ve3gjv.img and finally Custom ROM /e/OS-R

There is nothing more to do. Happy flashing!

Orig. screenshots




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OK, thank you!
I thought from the previous posts that I should to extract boot.img from some strange firmware and then learn how to make boot and then how to flash boot partition.

Yes, it seems easy. So I should just get back to stock from what I understand with I9301IXCUARA1 in the name so it equals with the version from Wiki. And check after flashing if the bootloader is indeed I9301IXCUARA1. Thank You I will try!

Thank You! Indeed, it was simple. I had to flash twice the stock ROM with Odin3, because the bootloader only updated itself to the version compatible from the Wiki after the second flashing. Then I followed instructions in the Wiki and switched back to Linux and flashed recovery using Heimdall and then flashed with ADB the proper e-1.10 firmware. So thank You, Gianna, for believing in me :slight_smile:
My mother now will have a simple but up-to-date phone!

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Thanks are due to the e-Team for providing /e/OS-R 4/2023 for this Samsung Galaxy old-timer from 2014.

Thanks are going to /e/OS team and to Lineage OS devs :slight_smile:

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