Samsung Galaxy S4 mini Value Edition - serranoveltexx

also known as serranoveltexx

Hello !
… -> not true ! The S4 mini supported by /e/os are the three variants released in 2013 (3G-version, 2Simcards-version, 4G-version). I use a serranoltexx myself (= 4G-version)… The mentionned “serranovltexx”
was a revamped release of the model, but with another processor (quadcore instead of dualcore), so anybody attempting to flash with the /e/os-ROM will result in softbricking their device… Ah, and something else: The technical description of installation and so on is at some point inconsistent/wrong, as suddenly the S4 mini is called “S4” ( without " mini")…

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Would also love to see this device supported !

Hello Inzee,
…your device is supported by independent develloper at xda, just have a look !
for example:

All supplemental work to do for you, would be installing some programs (some of them of course at low system level…) and you woukd be good to go with some kind of "personally customised /e/-device !