Unofficial Pi/e/ Community Build - s4mini Value Edition SM-i9195i "serranovelte"

As promised I have build a Pi/e/ ROM for the Samsung GalaxyS4 mini Value Edition -SM-i9195i - “Serranovelte” .
Before you proceed with the flashing and testing please read the warning given below very carefully

  • Please note this is a test build, I did not yet test it myself as I do not own the device.
  • Please take a backup of your data before your proceed.
  • Coming from previous Android Versions i suggest you do a clean flash ( wipe system, data and cache)
  • Please report if you encounter bugs.

If you are Ok with these warnings then you can download the Pi/e/ image for the Samsung GalaxyS4 mini Value Edition -SM-i9195i - “Serranovelte” is available for download here
Feedback and comments are welcome.
This build was made with the sources of, thanks for these.

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I’m using the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini (GT-i9195i),known as serranovelte with LineageOS Q (Android 10). I tried all the custom ROM variants made over time for this device and a few days ago I installed / e / ROM. It works very well, including applications that require registration in Google Cloud Messaging via MicroG. The only problem with this ROM is that when it is called by a correspondent, the screen does not display the identity and phone number of the caller and it remains black. This bug was also present in LineageOS (unofficial) but was solved by Mernurisha from XDA Developers starting with android 9… it is surprising that it appears in / e / ROM PIE.

Do you know where exactly can the fix be found?

You have the thread link with sources here:
I want to do the same for my other HTC10 device (PME). Do you know where I can find a way or documentation to use an unofficial LineageOS source in the build of a / e / ROM?

I found the post in which Crischa’s link appears … where the “black screen dialer” error in PIE for Samsung Galaxy S4 mini VE (i9195i) was fixed. By the way, I replaced Dialer.apk from eOS build made by you with Dialer.apk built by Crischa and now everything works perfectly. I hope the post helps you …

This build works perfectly here. More reliable than the LineageOS 17.1 I tried before (where the OpenGApps setup always crashed). Thank you very much!

What’s needed to make this a supported platform?

Hi everyone,

Just installed this build on my device. Installation and configuration worked flawlessly ! (thanks a lot!)

So far, I’ve noticed two bugs:

  • store apps are hard -if not impossible- to download and install (I only managed to install only one so far)
  • when I am called, i’ve got the same black screen as [Cristihan] mentionned. I’ve not yet tried to replace the Dialer.apk

Which model of TWRP are you using when installing the rom on the i9195i ?
I have tried using all the different versions from the link below, but I get an error 7 when flashing it.

I managed to solve the error 7 using the guide below, where I used 7zip to edit the rom file, where i edited the file META-INF/com/google/android directory/updater-script and removed the first line starting with assert

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Have you tried to install (by default) simple dialer from F-droid ?
Its work for me as a workaround on “standard” model using R unofficial

@piero & @ronnz98 Something you would like to try, maybe?
I have the device and R, T would be great…



Using this :
I guess we can build /e/OS -Q

Where can I find install doc for this phone?

@CyrMatt : It is the same install procedure as for other Samsung devices

@ronnz98 did you try to build /e/OS-R or /e/OS-S from there ?
latest are

Thank you Piero, TWRP installed, e just install waiting for reboot.

Edit: It’s working, now I need to test.

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Je viens d’installer la dernière version de test parce que whatsapp me faisait des misères sur la version nougat. Pour l’instant tout fonctionne bien. On pourrait peut-être mettre cette dernière version plus en avant non?

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