Samsung Galaxy S5+ (kccat6)

Looking /e/ 9 (Pie) TestROM for Samsung Galaxy S5+ kccat6

Please as little as possible default apps.

LineageOS for mircoG - 02.10.2019 > lineage-16.0-20191002-microG-kccat6
LineageOS 16.0 - 30.09.2019 > lineage-16.0-20190930-nightly-kccat6-signed
Info about kccat6 > Snapdragon 805 / Adreno 420

“Pure” LineageOS 16.0 (without GApps, without mircoG) now runs on phone S5+

F-Droid with FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) is used as the only app store - plus apps that are subject to an open-source license.

You can use AlternativeTo to search for Apps for Android with Open Source License.

I assume that there is no app of daily use that I could not replace with a free alternative.

Minimalism via LineageOS: Less is more … as a long-term test next to /e/ OS.

Samsung Galaxy SM-G901F (kccat6) running LineageOS with MicroG smoothly.
Please add device to supported list.

The device currently occupies the following positions in the ranking list of LineageOS Most active model 132nd place with 2,549 active devices worldwide.

The chances of further development are significantly lower than with the “older brother” SM-G900F (klte) → [5. | 34.565].