Samsung - Galaxy S5 LTE International - klte - Documentation Suggestions

Please add your suggestions to improve the documentation for the Samsung - Galaxy S5 LTE International - klte here …

In “Preparing for installation”, step 1, I couldn’t find the option to unlock OEM. I even try to change the date (to actual date - 7 or actual date + 7) as I found in other forums. Bus as I could enter in Download Mode, and heimdall print-pit worked fine, I move on with the installation.

I was a little worried to turn off the device after the recovery flashing, since the warning in the screen to “don’t turn of the device” didn’t go away even some time after the blue progress bar was complete full and the message in my terminal showed “Ending session… Releasing device interface…”. I waited one or two minutes and turn it off anyway, and enter, just after that, in the recovery, as well pointed in manual.

I have a problem with ‘adb sideload e.img’. In my linux, I got the message that “adb: sideload connection failed: insufficient permissions for device”. So `adb kill-server’ and ‘sudo adb start-server’ resolved the problem: the next 'adb sideload e.img worked fine and I am now trying this nice sweet Pie.

Don’t know if is worth change anything related with this, in the well done manual, but I think I should reply this post just in case someone get the same worries.

Thanks for supporting S5!

Hi @aleam thanks for writing this in. The whole purpose of the Documentation Suggestions sections was to get device specific instructions from users as and when required. The base of the documentation was made out from templates where for a specific device similar steps are implemented. This practice may not work exactly in all cases which is where we seek user suggestions on better and working alternatives.
I will add the steps / workarounds you suggested to the documentation