Samsung galaxy S6 (SM-G920P zerofltespr)

I can’t help but to notice there are very few ROM’s available for the SM-G920P that aren’t either abandoned or use and old version of Android

Some -maybe- interesting projects’ repos for S6*:

Can you please re-format this request 3ad like this other ?


ok ok thanks, though those are actually also the ones that I was talking about that are old

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You should be able to edit your post, otherwise ask @Manoj (who added the 1st tag: please don’t forget them !).

New users of the forum can’t

oh, dammit, thank you lol

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From the point of view of the /e/ dev team it is good to have votes for all devices but informed Week 24, 2022 : Development and Testing Updates

:disappointed: For Pie, Oreo and Nougat the official /e/OS support draws to a close.

From POV a random amateur ROM builder you have already provided the essential that is asked for in About the Request a Device category

TITLE Brand Model - Device codename (if known)
ex: Xiaomi Redmi 5 plus - vince

This allows such a builder with older Samsung devices on their build system and spare cycles and time quickly search and find and see that lineage has a device tree to lineage-15.1 contribution of is helpful, thanks.

The pretty picture from adds nothing for me and is inadequate in not providing the device codename.

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That’s another reason why \e\ needs a device-request submission wizard (with autocheck of submitted trees too, why not) instead of a forum section, IMHO.

Yup, it’s useful for more detailed SPECS but nothing more: can you suggest a better specs+codename web collection ?

As said in another 3ad, I still favourite TWRP (and TWRP device tree generator too) for devices’ codenames seeking.

For people responding to the idea of registering in #e-devices:request-a-device a device which they own, wanting to fulfill the request (repetition About the Request a Device category) to put the device codename in the post title I recommend this HowTo: [HOWTO] Find device codename.

As done commendably by our thread opener @you_smell_good, thank you.

There is also the official Google list. This is kept updated. It requires a machine on which one is prepared to accept a number of Google scripts and trackers to inspect; alternatively the large csv. file may be downloaded. Maybe this has similar requirements, idk. In a quick try I did not succeed.

This official list is mentioned in the above thread

Here are two mentions:

and the troublesome list:

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Very interesting, it would be great to be “integrated” in a wizard (by CSV, of course) !