Samsung Galaxy S7, battery not lasting long!

Hi all,
I bought a dual sim Samsung Galaxy S7 and install without any problem /e/. However, I just realized that the battery draines from 100% to 50% in 3 hours (without Wifi activated).
I don’t know if this is due to /e/ or not, but I am back to my old phone, (without /e/ sadly)…
Any feedback?

Hello, eventually I would recommend to re-calibrate your battery if your device is rooted. Maybe using this free app :

charge to 100% then launch the calibration app, unplug the device and wait for totally discharge


If you were connected to your /e/ account, deactivate the auto-synchronization might be a good solution. Especially in 4G because it consum more than WiFi.

I don’t have /e/ account, but I will try again with @isa advice…

Hello, I have a similar problem with my S9 starlte. The battery drops quicker than with stock rom. How could I provide you data to track apps and processus that cause this problem ?

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Hi @Nathanael you can log a bug report here Please provide a log and provide as much detail as possible about any additional applications you have on your phone - other than the default system apps.

Hello, I have to reflash. Then I’ll try to give you log and usefull data.

Any update on the situation ?

Doesn’t last more than 8hours for me. Very disappointed

Hi guys, do we have an upgrade on that?

I just started using my recently bought e-S7 and the battery is not lasting much.

Is there anything I could do?


Small update on my side:
After checking the accounts that were marked to sync, I noticed that SoundCloud was activated to sync.
After deactivating sync the battery seems to be consuming less since then.
But I also moved Location to battery saving mode too.

I have put e-cloud data (calendar, contacts, tasks) to update once a day too.


Hi @mihira did you checked app battery consumption ? Some apps are draining my battery realy hard. To do that long click on battery icon.

Hi Torn,

Yes I did, but most of the battery consumption was due to my VPN app (NordVpn), so I assumed it was due to background mobile data activity.

But yesterday for the first time my battery lasted for more than 14 hours.