Samsung Galaxy S7: /e/ takes 95 GB of internal storage

Hi, I installed 0.7-2019092524859 on my Galaxy S7 yesterday. And I’m pretty surprised that the system takes 96 GB of the internal storage. Is it normal? What could have gone wrong?

Good question. I am interested in how much the installation takes. In my device, Sony Xperia XA2, it says 11 Gb for system (perhaps I am wrong, but I thought it was too much, as some old devices do not have more that 8 Gb of internal storage).

Thank you in advance to anybody who can let us know (and if we have an issue, how to fix it).

The storage being displayed is not correct. You can raise a bug with screen shots of this display and a log to figure what is happening behind the scenes.

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The same bug was already with the LlneageOS of Samsung S7. The used space does not make sense. The free space seems to be accurate.
I was using the LlneageOS on Samsung S7 for 1.5 years and did not run in any problems with the storage (even with an additional SD-card).
I assume, that this bug just can be ignored.

I installed /e/ (version of 10/10/2019), and it still takes 11 Gb …