Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

[NEWBIE] I have been using an S8 Active in the past and I loved the smaller form factor and capability of the device. Nowadays that capability is not that relevant, nevertheless I would like to review that phone by installing e/OS on it. I was planning to make a build myself based on the S8 (dreamlite) build, but I realized that the build is for the Exynos chipset version. The S8 Active came with a Qualcomm chipset just like the S8 produced for USA/China. So, I was wondering if anyone built a ROM for the Qualcomm edition S8 and if that could be used to build one for the S8 Active. Or if anyone built directly an S8 Active ROM that they wouldn’t mind sharing, or you have pointers where to start when building (currently I’m reading the general building guide). Thanks in advance! :smiley:

Please ask /e/OS builder Guru @ronnz98

[UNOFFICIAL BUILDS] Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ / Note 8 for /e/OS S

I’m not aware of Samsung Galaxy S8 Active LineageOS Sources. If you have a source, please let me know

Galaxy S8 Active SM-G892U ( cruiserltesq )
Galaxy S8 Active SM-G892A ( cruiserlteatt )

Dunno if can help, anyway something pops up in GH: