Samsung Galaxy S8 DUOS

Would like to install /e/ on my Samsung Galaxy S8 DUOS (SM-G950FD).

This is a suggestion for a stable ROM if possible.

Anyone got /e/ running on one of these?

I am not a programmer, but am very technical and dabble in Linux and things.

Can do testing and bug reports as needed.

/e/ OS is currently not available for Samsung’s Galaxy S8 models According to the information here in the forum also not as UNOFFICIAL /e/ TestROM.

There are only some UNOFFICIAL ROMs in the WWW that are no longer supported by LineageOS.

Thanks for the quick response archie.

Any guidance on why the S8 is no longer supported in Lineage or /e?

I have an S8 Duos G950FD I’d like to put /e/ on. Be great if somebody developed for it.