Samsung Galaxy S8: Wrong recovery screen after following Step 3

Hello everyone,

I tried to install /e/OS on my spare Samsung Galaxy S8 using the easy-installer, following all the instructions until after rebooting into the /e/OS recovery screen and wiping all system data. After finishing all the steps necessary in download mode, i was prompted to reboot my phone into /e/OS recovery using the volume up, bixby and power off buttons. But i keep missing the time window to boot into TWRP, so Instead i was greeted to a system update screen and after a while the message displayed “no command” and the standard Samsung Android recovery screen was shown. I do not know how to go on from here, should i try to follow the manual CLI instructions?

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@piero has described the most common area of failure … I am adding a link to same issue Easy Installer Samsung users fail to boot into TWRP … in case it might help with “phrasing” if you need to redefine your issue.

Scenario #2.

TWRP and e-recovery are just two different custom recoveries … but you saw the e-recovery screen once and it was functional … then you lost it … am I right ?

Usually after a failure Easy Installer will be able to start again. Are you asking this because Easy Installer will now no longer start from the beginning and recognise the phone ?

In which case the answer would be yes.

Thank you for all of your answers, i now know what i am doing wrong.
I reran the easy-installer multiple times with your instructions up until rebooting into TWRP, where i keep missing the time window and instead boots into normal system recovery. I think that my phone just reboots too fast, is there a way to make this easier?

Frequently said about your first boot into TWRP – perhaps have a break then tell your fingers to go faster. Perhaps count the seconds, look for any clue on the phone screen as @piero’s image, and anticipate or move your fingers in advance of the moment.

But did you once see an e-recovery screen ?

No, i didn’t see a e-recovery screen, i only know what it should look like from screenshots.

Update: I was able to get into /e/ recovery by cloning the easy-installer using the git repository on Debian 12 and using ./gradlew run (./gradlew dist wielded an error), maybe that wasn’t the safest course of action and i was just lucky with the timing this time, but everything went on fine in my case.

Thank you all again for your help.

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