Samsung Galaxy S8+

Samsung Galaxy S8+, SM-GF955F, Exynos chip =dream2lte

hello all, i am new here, i must still look here round.
therefore here first hello to you all, although might be not right place.
i am Thomas from Germany

and i have a question, is this topic the right place for request e for my handy or other place?

Hi @Tom-GF955F first of all welcome to the /e/ Forum
Yes this is the right place to request builds for your device.
The way the concept works is the more the user requests for a particular device the sooner it gets on the supported list.

Hi @Tom-GF955F,

you may be interested in this ROM we’re testing.


Hello @arnauvp, are you the ROM developer of these Galaxy S8 series ?

I’m already excited about the /e/ OS ROM e-0.7-p The currently unofficial versions of LineageOS-16.0 / 17.1 dreamlte & dream2lte already work quite well. But of course there is still some work to do.

The development or porting in this case for the Samsung, is being done by a few team members of /e/.

Hi, how are things this days for the Galaxy S8+? I don’t seem to find anything new on its state!

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Hello, I am new to this forum, but have been following e/ since the begining.
I have just aquired a samsung s8+ and would like to know if there is any progress
on this.
Thanks, Jody.

Hi @PolGZ,
Hi @fishtank1,
there are development progresses for the S8+ ‘dream2lte’ parallel to the S8 ‘dreamlte’, only for reasons I don’t know they are not communicated by official side. The last known /e/ OS ROM for the S8+ ‘dream2lte’ is an e-0.10-pie build from the beginning of August 2020.

New here too looking forward to degoogling my life
Any updates on the S8+ 955f?