Samsung Galaxy s9 plus oem camera app apk?

Short version, where can i get the oem Samsung galaxy s9 plus camera app apk?

I’m on eos 1.3-q-20220825213388-dev-star2lte
Been using eos maybe a year or less. Sometimes there’s inconveniences but that comes with trying to stop google from knowing everywhere i go, everything i think, i say and do! but mostly i like this os. One such drawback was going to an amusement park with some friends one day, and we took 2 cars. I drove one. They ended up getting there 45 minutes sooner because google maps rerouted them around traffic! That’s a lot of time saved! And i was pissed i missed out on 45 extra minutes of fun. But still not worth google knowing everything.
Another one is i forgot i have 2 back cameras on this phone! In the Samsung oem camera app you could switch between the two as one has a fixed 2x optical zoom lens. I don’t have that option on eos camera app.
Where can i find the Samsung Galaxy s9 plus oem camera app apk that works on this or any other decent app that allows me to do this? Or am i missing something simple?

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I am not aware of a source. Next best might be to follow this approach

I have Secure Camera (linked above) on my Samsung A3 (2016) – I find it a bit more predictable than OpenCamera. I have experimented with the GCamHub also introduced above, but never found the camera which is an exact match with my device.

You can install Google Maps on /e/Os and use it without logging in to a Google account. Works for me :slight_smile:

Thanks, i did find that a while later lol

I will try that. Thank you

Went through about 20 versions and none would install. Kept getting “not installed”.
I tried the exynos versions i could find but none installed then i tried a bunch of random ones and same thing.
Edit : i finally found one that installed. But still only uses camera id 0

Found one that lets me choose normal or portrait in the menu which looks like switching between the two back cameras. Only problem is that one keeps crashing! Lol
And i have to go into the menu everytime.