Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2019) (gtowifi)

Seems to be newly supported by LineageOS

When can we expect an /e/OS port? :slight_smile:

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The LOS build for this device from Android 13 / LOS 20 (see LineageOS Downloads). /e/OS is not yet buildable for Android 13. So I don;t think you will be seeing an /e/OS build - official or unofficial - until /e/ start releasing Android 13 builds. That is in the pipeline, but it’s not showing in the current roadmap

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So I was now able to build for the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2019) gtowifi


@ronnz98 proves the opposite and shows what is possible:



It is buildable, however if it really works is a different story… might not even boot.
At the time Pete wrote this there were no /e/OS S sources yet available…

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Please don’t talk down your current ROM build performance. In the e-forum, for almost five years, besides you, there are only the ROM builders @Unknown and @itsclarence, who have created a comparably large /e/OS Unoffial repertoire. You deserve a huge thank you. :+1:


The man is on fire, I couldn’t agree more!
Are there batches we can reward him?
I’D suggest MVB :hugs: